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There is a Sweet Wife in the Palace of War

There is a Sweet Wife in the Palace of War
Other Name: 战王府里有娇妻

Genre: novel, fantasy
Author: Xiaoqingcai
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The exclusive full version of the novel “There is a sweet wife in the King’s Mansion” is Xiao Qingcai’s latest novel through the genre of strange love. The protagonist of this novel is Su Ruobai and Liang Yue. The book mainly tells: Su Ruobai follows the maid When I arrived at Liang Yuexi’s residence, I confirmed in Yu Sheng last time that it was Liang Yuexi who sold Yu Sheng to Lihuayuan. Su Ruobai put Liang Yuexi under house arrest in his room. Calculate

Free Reading Highlights:

Su Ruobai followed the maid to Liang Yuexi’s residence. Since the last time he confirmed in Yu Sheng that it was Liang Yuexi who sold Yu Sheng to Lihuayuan, Su Ruobai put Liang Yuexi under house arrest in his room.

I haven’t seen her for half a month, but I didn’t expect to see her again and become so weak.

There was no trace of blood on the familiar face, and Su Ruobai felt that his heart was pulling.

“What do you do? You can’t even take care of a big living person! What use do I want you to do!” Su Ruobai slapped the table fiercely, and the people knelt on the ground quickly.

I really don’t blame them for this. It was fine yesterday, so why did I suddenly have a fever this morning.

“General…” Liang Yuexi opened her eyes and said hoarsely in her throat.

Su Ruobai rushed to the bed and said softly, “I am here, how are you? Is there anything uncomfortable?”

Then he shouted at the crowd: “What about the doctor! Why haven’t you invited the doctor?”

“General, don’t scold them, it’s because Yue Xi didn’t take care of herself, which made the general worry.” Liang Yuexi said cautiously.

“Don’t say that.”

“The general is still annoyed by Yue Xi because of Yu Sheng’s affairs? But Yue Xi also has difficulties.”

Just now Liang Yuexi said this, Su Ruobai’s face changed at the beginning, all the warmth just disappeared without a trace, his expression was serious, and he looked like a storm.

“This matter has passed, there is nothing left to say.”

“No, Yue Xi must say it.” Liang Yuexi shook her head and said firmly, “Yue Xi knows that the general treats Sister Yu Sheng unusually.”

Su Ruobai frowned. She said this as if she liked Yu Sheng, but in fact he should hate Yu Sheng.

Before Su Ruobai could refute, she listened to Liang Yuexi continuing: “But the general should also think about himself. The other day, she was uneasy in the court. Sister Yu Sheng would definitely die if she was discovered as a general.

“Yue Xi has heard the news, but I don’t want to eat. I worry about the general every day. Even though the general has the same attitude towards Yu Sheng’s sister, even if Yue Xi understands that if the general learns this news, he will definitely be angry, but Yue Xi does not regret it. As long as the general is okay, Yue Xi is at ease.”

Liang Yuexi spoke and pretended to cough.

Su Ruobai understood that what she did was for her own sake, and it was impossible to say that she was not moved.

He has no father and no mother since he was a child, and the only warmth he has ever received is the one Yu Nian he had seen when he was a child, but now Yu Nian has forgotten the promise he had made when he was a child and left him cruelly. He thought he could only live alone but Unexpectedly, there are still people doing this for themselves.

Su Ruobai felt warmth in her heart, and she treated Liang Yuexi even better.

Yu Sheng obviously felt that Su Ruobai had fewer days to see him. He heard someone say that he had gone to Liang Yuexi’s side. Although he had never consummated the house, everyone he saw couldn’t avoid complimenting him. .

For some reason, Yu Sheng felt a little uncomfortable when he heard the news, his throat seemed to be blocked by something, his head was dizzy, and then he didn’t know anything.

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