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Imperial phoenix worldBy Po Meng

Imperial phoenix world
Other Name: 御凤天下

Genre: novel, fantasy
Author: Po Meng
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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This time, I will bring book friends a reading of the wonderful ending chapters of Meng Po’s original fantasy novel “The World of the Phoenix”. What will happen to the two protagonists of Ghost Emperor and Mengqing? Let’s wait and see! The ghost emperor sneered sarcastically, “Only you?” “Only me.” She answered calmly, looking at his eyes, calm and calm. Among them, there is a dazzling confidence shining! That’s the confidence that belongs to the strong

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The ghost emperor sneered and sneered, “It’s up to you?”

“Just rely on me.”

She answered calmly, looking at his eyes, calm and unwavering.

Among them, there is a dazzling confidence shining!

That is the confident light that belongs to the strong!

The ghost emperor fixedly stared at her, staring at her, sparks crackling.

at this time.

“Aim” with a meow, disturbing the man’s mind.

The man’s deep gaze fell on the black cat.

Even if Taishan collapsed before him, his lips twitched uncontrollably at this moment!

At a glance, the little wild cat at the woman’s feet was definitely not an ordinary pet, but a divine beast!

There will never be more than three sacred beasts on the entire Tianmu Continent!

At this moment, the cat stared at him guardedly, as if ready to strike him a fatal blow at any time.

That’s right, only sacred beasts can exude such a powerful and cold breath.

But the beast possesses great power and is extremely difficult to surrender. Even he dare not dream of taking a beast as a mount!

Divine beasts will only surrender to mortals who are born with supernatural powers.

But obviously, this sacred beast is the spiritual pet of this Ouyang Mengqing.

So, she has supernatural power?

In an instant, the man turned his mind and suppressed the killing intent in his black pupils.

The slanting black eyes suddenly narrowed, and the cold eyes shot out interesting light.

Oh, interesting, this matter, interesting!

A woman who can accept a sacred animal as a spiritual pet may not be as simple as in the legend.

“This emperor is not a killer, this emperor… is here to retreat.” The extremely indifferent voice contained endless indifference.

The emperor? Retire?

“You, is the ghost king talking about Wuzun?”

Without saying a word, the expression on his face is equivalent to acquiescence.

For the ancient women, he did not hesitate to let her commit suicide gently.

The ghost emperor Tan Wuzun, the head of the world’s first family, is he who proposed the engagement of the covenant, and he is also the one who regrets the marriage.

Fortunately, the owner of this body changed to a 21st-century woman. Meng Qing flashed in her heart quickly, smiling, squinting, and looking at the ghost emperor coldly, and said coldly: “That’s right, this lady also has this intention.”

When the ghost emperor heard the words, his ruthless eyes became darker and darker, with murderous aura permeating his entire body.

“Miss Si, you have good courage.” The slightly admiring voice was like Death’s judgment on the prey.

“Thank you.” Meng Qing looked up at him coldly, and said bluntly: “Master Ghost Emperor came not far away, afraid that it was not just to retire?”

“Huh?” The Ghost Emperor placed his hands around his chest, condescendingly watching.

Interesting, this woman is not stupid and incompetent in the rumor.

Mengqing lifted her guard and smiled happily: “Whether you are here to retire or have no purpose, my grandmother is now in retreat. I’m afraid you will have to find her.”

“Woman, you are so bold.”

The black shadow in front of her shook, and the ghost emperor silently moved to her, and grabbed her jaw. The slender jade joint stabbed her in pain: “How dare you use this emperor?”

“How dare you!” Meng Qing smiled, but those bright and radiant eyes made it clear, what if you just use you, you still can’t do it?

The ghost emperor stared at her deeply.

This small face is close to my eyes, with beautiful features, which cannot be said to be stunning.

It is the silhouette of the deep pupils, the long eyelashes trembling lightly, as if the world’s brilliance has been curled up, so dazzling that you can’t move your eyes.

The black eyes of the deep pool, and his deep and indifferent eyes, faced each other coldly, close at hand, each other’s eyes seemed to see each other’s hearts.


After a long time, the ghost emperor let go of his hand suddenly, and slowly turned around, the black robe automatically went without wind, and said blankly: “I hope you won’t disappoint the emperor.”

The ending sound disappeared, and his figure instantly disappeared in the cell.

Disappointed? How would she disappoint him?

Mengqing’s eyes were cold, and the corners of her lips bloomed with a beautiful smile.

Tianmu Continent, since I am here, I will let the world remember me!

A ghost emperor in black, Tan Wuzun, stepped out of the small courtyard of the dungeon, with his tail finger on his back, gently hooked, and the Blood Rosha lurking in the dark quietly fell behind him.

The ghost emperor walked slowly, looking slightly, quietly waiting for the report of Blood Rosha.

Seeing this, Xue Luosha sounded indifferently in a cold voice without a trace of emotion: “My lord, it has been verified that Ouyang Mengqing was framed by the third wife Murongxuan, and Murongxuan wanted to get rid of her for a long time.”

“Yeah.” The ghost emperor’s voice was even colder, “Where is the old lady Ouyang in retreat? Take the emperor.”

“Master?” A hint of hesitation flashed across Xue Luosha’s face: “The old lady retreats, isn’t it a good time for us to do it, why should we disturb her?”

“Are you questioning the emperor’s decision?” Ghost emperor asked slowly, the boundless coldness on his body deepened.

Xue Luosha was startled, and immediately lowered his head: “Subordinates dare not! Lord, please follow me.”

After the words were finished, the blood Luosha’s figure stretched out, like a pierced cloud swallow, whose speed was so fast that it was difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.

The ghost emperor followed closely behind him, silently, and he could not be seen at all.

Xue Luosha was inexplicably horrified, and the Lord’s Heart Sutra became more and more fascinating.

Thinking of what I said just now, I was full of fear, and the Lord’s mind has always been deep. How could he be able to figure it out?

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