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Hi, Proud Husband!

Hi, Proud Husband! (Novel)
Other Name: Hi,傲娇老公!

Genre: novel, Modern Romance
Author: Crimson Beauty
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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During the wedding, Tao Yaoyao wanted to tease her husband every day. Later, Tao Yaoyao wanted to run away when she saw her husband.

Tao Yaoyao bit her lips: ” Fuck!” Feng Zhuo lightly curled her lips: “Together.”
Ahhhh, what’s inside, is for you to roll, not for you to hug, not to let you hug me…
Crimson Beauty is an excellent fiction author, his novels include: ” being paranoid chops vest Gangster ,” ” married in 77 days ,” ” he and shimmer are Allure ,” ” Mr. Fang, no drugs would not be happy! “, ” Boss Lord, I am not married! “,” Hi, proud husband! “, ” You Are My Scenery Years “, ” Dear Mr. Shi “, etc., excellent books, every word, and the novels created by the author Jiang Meiren have ups and downs and exciting plots, with excellent plot and writing style.

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