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Blossom in Heart Episode 19 Recap

Long Deshui deliberately pleased Long Mozhen , in order to let her agree to the fifth room, telling her that this time is different, the woman from the scholarly door is a cultural person, Long Mozhen has long been used to, agree with him concubine. After Long Deshui brought the person in, Mo Zhen saw that it was Yi Rongrong who had a big temper, and Yi Rongrong deliberately talked to her with high anger. Not only that, but also let Gu Haiqi personally make up for himself. Agree to marry. Long Deshui hurriedly sent away, and turned back to persuade Mo Zhen, telling her that the bride price had been given out, and that after she married, Mo Zhen had the final say, let her go to Haishu to make makeup for Yi Rongrong on the wedding day. Or else she will break her moon silver.

Gu Haijun looked at the injury on Lang Yueming ‘s face and smeared it for several days and found no effect. Feng Chunyan asked her not to use Lang Yueming as an experimental product, otherwise she would look good, Miao Lan listened to them in the back and vowed not to let Haishu left the Lang family and wanted to keep her strong next to Lang Yueming. Lang Yuexuan watched the sea ​​otter in the hairpin, the wedding comforted her, and tried several times to have other effects. Mo Zhen came to Langfu to find Haitang and took the initiative to apologize to her, hoping she could forgive herself, Haishu let her not put it in their hearts, they Two are still good sisters.

After learning that Haishu forgive himself, Long Mozhen ran over and vomited to Haishu, and he wanted to marry his wife, and that person was Yi Rongrong who they hated, and let Haishu personally give her makeup. Miao Lan specially told people to lick the soup to Lang Yueming, and felt that Haishu’s temper became very strange. The reason why she was so active was to leave. Lang Yueming threw the soup angrily after hearing it. In order to allow Haiyan to successfully configure the mites and pick up the knife to prepare to cut himself, Haiyue Xuan misunderstood him to commit suicide, hurriedly stopped him, and wrapped him in a wound.

Lang Yuexuan told Haishu to do this himself in order to personally test the effect of removing the ointment, so that she should not give up, and she will succeed if she persists. Xin Qida returned to Shifu at night and told Shi Jizhou about the situation of Langjia. Shi Jizhou felt that the sea otter must be removed. After she successfully developed the mites, the Shijia Workshop was not competitive. Shi Jizhou decided to do evil at the wedding of Longde Shui, let her put it in Gu Haijun’s cosmetic case on the wedding day. When the time came out, Gu Haijun and Lang family could not escape the responsibility. Long Deshui prepared a good fur coat for Yi Rongrong and sent it to her to avoid it. He told Long Deshui to be allergic to cat hair.

Long Deshui knew that the people in the house immediately drove the cat away. Long Mo was jealous and angry, holding the cat and crying, thinking that she would ride on her. Mo Zhen took the cat to ask for help from the sea otter. When she saw the cat accidentally ran away, the two men chased it out. After seeing it, she was ready to move the cosmetic case. Fortunately, Lang Yuexuan came in to stop her. When she didn’t have the chance to put it in, she started from Long Mozhen, knowing that she hated Yi Rongrong and made her publicly ugly at the wedding. Yi Rongrong took a group of people to Lang family, let Haishu give himself makeup, deliberately spurred against her, said Haishu married to the ugly eight strange, Lang Qingqing heard the angry looking for Yi Rongrong, did not expect to be beaten by Feng Chunyan.

Lang Qingqing was angry at the side and felt that Gu Haijun was not worried about her husband at all. The Yi Rongrong was even more arrogant. Miao Lan came to comfort her and told her that she could teach the people and let Yi Rongrong at her wedding. Falling asleep. Lang Yuexuan gave Gu Haizhen the effect of removing the ointment, let her wait for some time, I believe that it will be successful, Haishu at home to help Yi Rongrong to sew a wedding dress, Gu Xiahe thinks she is a high-spirited Miss, I don’t know how to help her. Hu Auntie came to Yi Rongrong at night and told her that she could not do it. She planned to take her with her. Yi Rongrong felt that it was too late. Even if she escaped, she would still be arrested and chose to accept her life.

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