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Blossom in Heart Episode 16 Recap

Long Mozhen wants to prepare for the party to Lang Yuexuan confession Shi Ji Zhou due to the inability to complete the order to Longsian year
Lang family workshop. Gu Haiqi once again returned to his favorite place and met a group of former female workers and colleagues. Most women workers welcomed her return, and very few people hated her for being a big man. Workshops are busy Yuet Hin see Gu Haitang back, eyes flashed lighted up, the surface is not showing too many emotions.

After a while, Long Mozhen came to see Gu Haiyan with the pastry. Long Mozhen expressed his love for Lang Yuexuan without any disguise, but he never understood why Lang Yuexuan did not accept his feelings. She decided to make a confession plan to express her feelings to Lang Yuexuan again, and she also kept her secret.

In the afternoon, Gu Haijun took a leave to buy pearl masks for the moon, and happened to meet Langyue Xuan who came to find her. Lang Yuexuan once again apologized to her and promised to do anything for her. However, when he heard that Gu Haijun hoped that he could help him get a book to leave himself, Lang Yuexuan had nothing to say. In the evening, Gu Haijun went home to find a prescription and told her brother about He Chunyan’s gamble. Gu Xiahe is very supportive of her sister’s plan, and she also discussed with her what kind of formula can solve the scar on the face of Lang Yueming. Gu Haijun said that as long as he found a drug primer called ice crystal unicorn, he could certainly solve the scar of Lang Yueming.

Lang Yueming’s love for Gu Haijun became more and more profound, but he also understood why Gu Haijun is now with himself, mostly because of kindness and sympathy. He worried that if one day his face was cured, Gu Haijun would leave himself. Lang Yuexuan heard the big brother’s worry, and for a time did not know if he would like this day.

The next day, Gu Haijun handed it to Lang Yueming with his own mask. Lang Yueming felt unusually comfortable after taking it, and he was very happy with Gu Haijun’s concern. On the other side, Miao Lan also found Lang Yue Xuan with her own sachet. Miao Lan originally thought that Lang Yuexuan was a sachet that he liked to make himself. As a result, he just found a new inspiration on it. Although Miao Lan felt a little disappointed, she even admired the talent of Lang Yuexuan.

In order to complete the Huajili order, Shi Jizhou abandoned a lot of orders with local merchants and retail investors in Kunyang, and even appeared in arrears. Many merchants gathered in front of the shops of Shijia to ask for their arguments, but Shi Jizhou never avoided appearances. Not only that, after the incident spread, many workshops rejected the orders of Shijia, which made Shiji Zhou unable to deliver to Huajili on a regular basis. Hua Jili saw that Shi Jizhou could not solve the current problem and decided to find someone else to cooperate.

Hua Jili took Awen to find Lance Year , hoping that he can help him solve the current situation. A Wen told them about the current dilemma of Shijia, while constantly giving a look to Lang Yuexuan. In order to give Awen a lesson, Lang Yuexuan deliberately let him go for a while before admitting his father to let Lang’s family solve the current chaos in Kunyang City. Lance’s meditation for a while, he proposed that he would be willing to take over the rest of the stall as long as he had handed over the rouge that had been completed before.

Although Shi Jizhou was dissatisfied with the behavior of Lance’s private revenge, he could only let the family settle down and deeper, but he could only personally send the completed order to Lang’s warehouse. In order to get the favor of Lang Yuexuan, Long Mozhen constantly planned his own confession plan. Long Dashuai saw her daughter in this way and suggested that she give up her obsession with Lang Yuexuan. After rigorous preparations, Long Mozhen prepared a party in the best coffee shop in Kunyang, and invited a lot of celebrities to attend the event, intending to express their wishes to Lang Yuexuan in public. She came to the Lang family with an invitation and planned to invite Gu Haijun to attend. After listening to Long Mozhen’s plan, Gu Haijun had a bit of mixed feelings in his heart.

Gu Haijun found Lang Yuexuan and asked him what he thought about the party. However, Lang Yuexuan did not intend to participate, and refused to rely on the recent busyness of the workshop. However, Gu Haijun’s absolute Long Mozhen is very serious this time. If Lang Yuexuan does not go, it is very likely that she will make something stupid.

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