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Blossom in Heart Episode 13 Recap

Shi Jizhou unscrupulously take the sacrifice of the main event Lang Yuexuan for Gu Haiyu fell into the water

Shi Jia. Shi Zhou Ji on Lens in again won the competition with their worship of God took the right to host very unhappy, could not help but complain to Mrs.. For such a long time, he has been crushed by him, Shi Jizhou is very unwilling. Shi Jizhou recalled that Arvin told him that Lang Yuexuan had a brother who had not been exposed because he was disfigured. He decided to go to the Lang family to find out. In order to celebrate his birthday to his brother, Lang Yuexuan, accompanied by Awen, came to the lotus pond to catch fish and lotus seeds in spite of danger. But before he caught the fish, he suddenly started heavy rain, causing him to catch a cold.
At the same time, Gu Haijun and his own made a cake, intending to accompany the Lance Years and others to celebrate the birthday together with Lang Yueming. However, everyone waited for a long time, Lang Yueming still did not appear.

After a while, I came forward and reported that Shi Jizhou was visiting. Although Lance Year was suspicious, he immediately received him at the lobby. The two men pretend to sing a few words, and Shi Jizhou proposed to live in peace with Lance Year in the future, but the purpose is to pay for the sacrifice of the gods. Lance was reluctant to talk about this with him and lied that he was not willing to talk about business at home. Shi Jizhou was not surprised, and began to conceal the news of Lang Yueming . Lang Yueming came to his brother’s room. Although he was happy, he still blamed him for not taking the rain to collect lotus seeds for his own life. As a result, Gu Haijun also drove him to save him. However, in the heart of Lang Yuexuan, the biggest reason for his launch was to apologize to Gu Haijun.

St. John’s School. Gu Xiahe saw Lang Qingqing want to avoid, but Lang Qingqing ran to his front, conceited that he could come to St. John to study because of the Lang family’s guarantee. Gu Xiahe’s disdainful smile on his face accused the Lang family of doing anything unscrupulously. It was clear that Lang Yuexuan had brought his family to his family, but the result was to go to his sister, Lang Yueming. Marshal House. Shi Jizhou brought a large sum of money to visit Long Dashuai, and he added a reputation for Kunyang City. He hoped that he could help him win the right to host this flower god sacrifice. Long Dashuai intended to use Shi Jizhou to check and balance the Lance Year, and he simply agreed to his request. Shi Jizhou recalled that he saw Lang Yueming in his Lang family, his face showing a sinister smile.

Gu Haijun wanted to visit the sick Langyue Xuan, but he went to his door but hesitated. Just Lang Qingqing came to visit his brother. After seeing Gu Haijun, he immediately accused her not to squat at the door of her little uncle, so as not to fall into the tongue. Gu Haijun knows that Lang Qingqing has always been full of prejudice against himself. He simply did not say much and left.

Lang Qingqing fed Lang Yuexuan to finish the medicine, and began to talk about Gu Haijun’s bad words. Lang Yuexuan had no way to do this, simply let her sleep and interrupt her. Lang Qingqing was in a hurry and got up and left the room of Langyue Xuan. After Lang Qingqing left, He Chunyan also came to visit his son and blamed him for not going into the water. However, Lang Yuexuan suggested that the mother would recognize her as her daughter and then find a good family for her.

Lang Yueming is looking in the mirror to see the scar on his face. When I saw Gu Haijun coming in, I hurriedly left the mirror and hid. Gu Haiqi walked up to the husband’s side and comforted him not to care too much about his appearance. He should take the initiative to come out so that he would not live up to his family’s love. Lang Yueming’s feelings of inferiority are deeply rooted, and he can hear that Gu Haizhen is sure to cure his face, and his face still shows his hope.

Gu Haijun found aloe vera and other materials, and applied a pair of ointments to Lang Yueming’s face. Lang Yueming looked at her like a concentrated look, and the love in her eyes was even worse. Kunyang City Chamber of Commerce. In order to select the main event of the flower god sacrifice, the people of the Chamber of Commerce held a vote. Shi Jizhou, who had been secretly operating for a long time, successfully became the principal of the sacrifice with the number of votes of the Lance Year. Looking at Lance’s look of depression, Shi Jizhou proudly got up and thanked, promised that the festival would be a must.

In the evening, when Lang Yuexuan was sleeping, Long Mozhen came to his room with the medicine he had entrusted to his father. Lang Yuexuan, who was awakened, saw Long Mozhen, his face showing a helpless look, euphemistically letting her not worry about her own affairs. Hearing the arrival of Miao Lan, he persuaded Long Mozhen under the suggestion of Lang Yuexuan.

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