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Lookism Episode 9

Qi Guang found Tuo Wenshuai’s singer Wen Shuai knows Qi Guang’s life experience

Qi Guang saw that Wen Shuai fell asleep at such a fast time. He was very surprised. Tuo Wenshuai quickly explained to him that Wen Shuai was always used to sleeping so quickly. Tuowu Shuai rushed out, he hurriedly bid farewell to Qi Guang. Vasco saw that he had been surrounded. He finally understood that someone wanted to design and frame him. He tried to resist with an enemy. At this time, Tuowu Shuai came to help. Someone quietly told Li Zhencheng that Tuowu Shuai came to help Vasco. Li Zhencheng did not want to participate in it, and he still played games. The sound of the group’s place stunned the nearby migrant workers, who organized the group with a flashlight.

The test results came out. Tuowen Shuai scored 96 points. He was very happy. The head teacher smiled at him and praised him for his rapid progress. Qi Guang also scored 96 points. The class teacher looked at them both happily and encouraged Qi Guang to work hard. Otherwise, the rising star will surpass him! The classmates quietly stared at Tuowu Shuai with envious eyes. It turned out that he was not only handsome, but also capable of learning! Wen Shuai made a dream, dreaming that Qi Guang discovered the secret that he could change, and then reported the police, the police really came to his house to search! Wen Shuai woke up in panic, worried that Qi Guang would really do the same as in a dream. Sure enough, he quickly asked him what his name was and how he worked. Wen Shuai Zhiwuwu said that the other party was working in a convenience store and has now dropped out of school.

In the evening, Qi Guang really went to the convenience store and saw the handsome expression of Wen Shuai. Qi Guang was very surprised. This is the first time he saw Wen Shuai, and Chang Li said that Wen Shuai would not be so nervous. Then Qi Guang took a bucket of instant noodles in the supermarket and saw Qi Guang eating at the small table next to the supermarket. Wen Shuai couldn’t help but walk over. He took a bowl of instant noodles and Tuo Wenshuai’s eating method. Even the posture of holding chopsticks is like the same person doing it, and Qi Guang’s heart is even more strange.

Wu Anna received a phone call from a reporter. The reporter revealed that someone reported that she had plagiarized someone else’s design work. Wu Anna directly denied it. Tu Wenshuai hurried to Qiguang’s home to find him, let him take the design sample and hurry to the police station, Wu Anna has not admitted to plagiarism. Qi Guang took out a bottle of beverage from the refrigerator and handed it to Tuowen Shuai, and understated it. Tu Wenshuai was surprised at why he was so dull. Qi Guang told him that he did not want to let the name be seen by the media. Tu Wenshuai did not understand his words. He felt that his own problems led to his idea being plagiarized.

When President Wei heard that she had recently wrapped up in a lawsuit, she asked her to eat together. Wu Anna said that she had sealed the reporter’s mouth and specially invited their family to travel abroad. President Wei asked the designer’s name. When Wu Anna said the name of Qi Guang, President Wei couldn’t help but smile. She told Wu Anna that the matter had disappeared. Soon, President Wei told this to Qi Guang’s father. His father specially called Qi Guang to his home and gave him a slap in the face, reminding him that he wants to maintain a good life now, and he is not allowed to have it in the future. Action, no longer have the designer’s thoughts in the future.

Wen Shuai finally waited for Qi Guang to go home and saw that there was blood in his mouth. Wen Shuai was surprised. Qi Guang and he went out to distract him. Qi Guang said his life. He is a man with a husband and a woman in the store. The model had a sly story, the female model finally gave birth to him in this man’s home, because the original family conditions are very good, so the father let him keep his mouth on his own life. Hearing this, Wen Shuai knows that Qi Guang has regarded him as a true friend, and called Vasco also, thinking that they solemnly introduced each other, the future three people are even the best friends.

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