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Lookism Episode 8

Tuowu Shuai let Wu Anna apologize to Qi Guang to receive mysterious documents

When Qi Guang went to the class teacher’s office, he heard that Tuowu Shuai was now working as a model under Wu Anna. He suspected that his sketch design might be revealed by Tuowen Shuai. Qi Guang invited Tuowian Shuai to go to his home to be a guest. In the bright and bright home of Qi Guang, he found several demos of his designs. Qi Guang told her that these are his own designs, and he does not feel that he designed his clothes and Wu. Anna’s is very similar.

Tuowen Shuai was somewhat guilty. He quickly ran back to Wu Anna’s design room and asked if she had stolen Qi Guang’s work. Wu Anna told him with certainty that the works she designed were designed after a long time of thought. And the things that designers hit the manuscript often happen. The simple Tuowu Shuai listened to Wu Anna’s rhetoric. When she left, Wu Anna stopped him and said that his model was very successful, so the sales of the clothing was very good, and then he was given a tipping fee. envelope.

Tuowu Shuai took the envelope and walked out the door. Qi Guang always followed him. He saw him open the envelope and counted the banknotes. Qi Guang misunderstood him and said that he was stealing his work. It is very shameful. Tuowu Shuai was about to chase the past and explain to Qi Guang. At this time, his head began to feel severe pain. He felt that the family was definitely in trouble, and Wen Shuai quickly rushed back.

Sure enough, in the residence, he saw the grandmother who was about to knock on the door, could not help but shouted grandmother in surprise, grandmother turned back, this handsome guy in front of him, he did not know, and Tuo Wenshuai quickly remembered that he is not fat now. Handsome, so I quickly went back to the house, stunned myself, and then turned into a fat Wenshuai, Wenshuai wake up, pretending not to know the process, and quickly let the grandmother into the house. Then he accompanied his grandmother to go shopping, Grandma saw the model in the window is Tuowu Shuai, very happy, so Wen Shuai also tried the clothes inside.

Wu Anna saw that she was wearing a very old-fashioned rural lady in her shop. She called the waiter and let the old lady hurried away. Wen Shuai saw the clerk rushing out of his grandmother from the fitting room. He was very angry. When he saw himself in the mirror, he rushed back to his place of residence and woke up Tuowen Shuai, and quickly changed his identity. Tuowian handsomely ran to Wu Anna’s design room and asked if she had plagiarized Qi Guang’s work. She saw that Wu Anna still refused to admit that Tuowu Shuai found his lost album at his desk.

The evidence is conclusive, Wu Anna has nothing to say, she asked Tuo Wenshuai how to think, then Qi Guang came to him just to see everything, knowing that he misunderstood Tuowu Shuai. Tuowian Shuai asked Wu Anna to apologize to Qi Guang and her grandmother. After Tuo Wenshuai asked the clerk to bring her grandmother back, Wu Anna had no choice but to promise Qiguang to be her company’s designer and then give it to her grandmother. apologize.

From the clothing store, Qi Guang, in order to express his apology, specially invited him to eat a top meal, and learned that Tuowu Shuai is not willing to go to work in Wu Anna’s studio. Qi Guang is very strange, how many people want to go back No! Tuowu Shuai said frankly that he could not let his name appear in the eyes of the public. He said that Tuowen Shuai saw a pair of middle-aged men and women coming over and he began to silence. As his eyes met, the handsome man saw the middle-aged man. I thought this was the father of Qi Guang.

Guessing Qi Guang is not happy, Wen Shuai and he also specially asked him to eat instant noodles when he went back. Wen Shuai’s unique and novel way of eating noodles, amused to reveal a long-lost smile.

Tuowu Shuai offended the small follow-up of Li Zhencheng’s boss. The boss asked Li Zhencheng to come out with Tuo Wenshuai and prepare to teach him. Li Zhencheng did not agree. He said that he would not do anything to betray his friends. Zhihao shamelessly used Li Zhen to become a nephew to sue Tuowian Shuai, and many small gangsters surrounded him.

Zhihao went to the supermarket and chatted with Wenshuai. He accidentally told the story of Tuowenshuai. Wenshuai heard that he rushed back to his place of residence. He wanted to find a substitute to save people. Qi Guang received the documents of the mysterious person. He found it according to the address of the document. At the address in the document record, Qi Guang witnessed Wen Shuai running back to his place in a panting breath, then fainted in the bed, and then the top of the bed was very handsome. Quickly wake up.

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