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Lookism Episode 7

Tuowu Shuai is invited by Tao Qiao to be a model Wu Anna gets inspiration from the sketchbook

Meng Qi followed Tao Qiao back to her residence and saw that the goods that had been returned were pressed everywhere. Meng Qi couldn’t help but blame herself. It was because of her own affairs that Tao Qiao suffered this bad luck. How to deal with these goods. Meng Qi said that other online shop big coffee are asking models to try on clothes and then shoot video on the Internet, the sales are very good, why not try this method, Tao Qiao feels that he does not have so much money to please model, Meng Qi Thinking about why I didn’t ask Tu Wenshuai to help, I quickly suggested that Tao Qiao go to Tuo Wenshuai to talk.

Tuowu Shuai heard the proposal and worried that he had not been a model. Tao Qiao asked him not to worry, as long as he would help. Tuowen Shuai has purchased a hypnotic artifact, which is inhaled. It will be safe to sleep when you take a bite. It is especially useful to try it out. However, it is a pity that this kind of hypnotic supplies will be used more heavily for obese people. Tuowian Shuai feels that he still saves some use. The school began to hold the mid-term exam. Tuowian Shuai saw many of the contents of the test paper seem to have met each other. In order to access the information, he played a clever little trick. He used the sleep artifact to help him instantly become a coach, and then read the answer in the rental house. After several shuttles, he suddenly felt that this method was cheating, but he never tested good grades since he was a child. He was also fighting for his grandmother’s happiness!

When the exam time arrived, Tuowu Shuai had already answered all the questions first. During the class, he nervously went back to the bathroom to wash his face. The classmates inadvertently said how he slept in the exam, but he would soon wake up quickly when he was handed over. Wen Shuai was so shocked that he was going to be debunked, and the classmates only responded to him, but they saw it inadvertently. Tao Qiao went to find Tuo Wenshuai to give him a gorgeous photo shoot. Tuowen Shuai said that he had some clothes in his package. Tuowen Shuai, who took off his school uniform and put on new clothes, made a new look. Meng Qi couldn’t help it. Feeling, is this Tuowu Shuai still an invisible rich second generation? Tao Qiao did not say that these beautiful clothes were given to him by Gu Qiguang !

I tried a few shots, and Tu Wenshuai was very unconfident in every photo. I don’t know that Tao Qiao’s problem is Tuowen Shuai’s. Every photo she shot was closed. The class teacher took a recruitment letter to Tuo Wenshuai. She told Tuowian Shuai that Wu Anna was a famous clothing dealer. Her former male model was Chen Hubin. Now Wu Anna wants to find another male model. The class teacher thinks this. The second chance was very difficult. Let Tuowen Shuai go and try it. Tuowen Shuai’s self-knowledge was not enough. He refused to do so again. The class teacher asked him to bravely meet Wu Anna.

During the class, Tuowu Shuai inadvertently and Qi Guang slammed into a full face, the notebooks in the arms of both of them fell to the ground, and when he hurriedly picked up, Tuowen Shuai took the sketchbook of Qi Guang.

In Wu Anna’s studio, Tuowen Shuai listened to the war and took a few steps. Wu Anna felt that he had no model of the gas field. Fortunately, his face was still in compliance with the requirements, so he let him go to the official audition on Saturday. The salary is six hundred. When I heard the salary of six hundred pieces, Tuowen Shuai was so surprised that his eyes were so big! After Wen Shuai left, Wu Anna found a sketchbook in his seat. In the sketchbook, she found several very design images. These sketches made the designer Wu Anna inspiration. She changed the previous The design style has redesigned several pieces of clothing.

In the studio, under the violent flashlight, Tuowu Shuai still squats without confidence, and even the basic posture will not be placed. The photographer complained to Wu Anna, and Wu Anna only comforted him and gave the new couple a break. Wu Anna designed the clothes to be listed soon. In the clothing store, Qi Guang found that the new clothes on the market were exactly the same as his designs.

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