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Lookism Episode 6

Tuo Wenshuai took evidence to make He Na no longer do evil Li Zhencheng knows who the anonymous letter comes from

Private Zhihao couldn’t help but complain to Wen Shuai, blaming Tuowian Shuai for not deliberately reluctantly, heroes save the United States, and now Tao Qiao not only freed the fate of the whole, even he also married the horse cell, Li Zhencheng is raising brothers to look for him. Tu Wenshuai feels that he is good intentions and is not wrong. Two people are talking, Li Zhencheng found them, Zhihao quickly escaped, Li Zhencheng and his brothers around the Tu Wenshuai began to be violent. Tuowu Shuai suffered a loss, and was preparing to fight desperately, and Vasco came in time to see that he was a friend who had been inseparable in the past. Li Zhencheng took over.

Tuowu Shuai returned to his residence and thought that Vasco had just patted him on the shoulder and taught him a few tricks. When he left, he told him that he couldn’t solve the problem. Wen Shuai heard that the girls in the class rejected Tao Qiao because Tao Qiao and the school grass Tuo Wenshuai went very close, so many girls were obsessed with Tuowen Shuai, and they saw that the school grass in their hearts was about to be famous. So naturally I am not willing. Wen Shuai let Tuowu Shuai wake up early and help Tao Qiao get rid of bad luck.

Tuowian Shuai woke up and saw Tao Qiao looking for He Na. He quietly followed. Tao Qiao asked He Na’s own online shop to be attacked, and the school uniform was returned, including the toy snake in the closet. He Nawei smiled awkwardly, and felt that Tao Qiaona couldn’t help her, deliberately sprinkled the money in her hand, let Tao Qiao pull the money from the ground, and saw Tao Qiao insulted, Tuowen Shuai quietly took a picture. video. Seeing that He Na was carrying the space of Tao Qiao’s money, He Na also sprinkled the garbage in the trash can on Tao Qiao’s head. Tuowian Shuai saw himself coming forward. He took a mobile video to warn He Na. In the future, don’t worry about Tao Qiao again, and then find that she is doing small tricks in the back, and she will send the video just taken to the teacher. He Na was born with fear, and quickly called Ma, let him help him get the video back.

When Tuowu Shuai and Tao Qiao went back together, Li Zhencheng was blocked on the road. This time, Tuo Wenshuai did not fear any more. He let Tao Qiao go first. Once Vasco told him that escape could not solve the problem. This time he wants to Li Zhencheng came to the real contest. Li Zhencheng wants Tuo Wenshuai to delete the video of He Na’s mobile phone, and Tu Wenshuai certainly refuses. The two men started to move again. Although they were punched and kicked, Tuowu Shuai became a swollen face, but Li Zhencheng did not ask for much cheapness. His nose was bleeding, and when two people were playing hard, Mengna shouted out. Clarification – the letter was written by him!

Meng Qi’s words shocked Tuowen, and he asked Mengna why he wanted to do so. Mengna was filled with tears in her eyes. She looked at Li Zhencheng’s eyes and told him that his actions now made her afraid like a rogue. In order to let him go early, he wrote a report letter to him to be punished. Tuowu Shuai returned to his place to take a bath. He thought happily that he had two completely different bodies at the same time. It was really amazing, but he also tasted the difference between being a handsome guy and a fat boy. He is happy to lie in bed, has arrived at the time when Wen Shuai is going to work in the supermarket, so he will punch down with Wen Shuai!

Wenshuai woke up, and every time he exchanged his body in such a rough way, Wen Shuai felt very uncomfortable. He gently moved Tuowen Shuai to his position and found that there was a very obvious mark on the back of his neck. Is it a birthmark? Wen Shuai could not help but guess.

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