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Lookism Episode 5 Recap

Tuowu Shuai help Tao Qiao get rid of Li Zhencheng’s revenge He Na jealous to engage in mischief punishment Tao Qiao

The police arrived in time to seize the police station together Lizhen Cheng and other small fry, Rio Wen handsome head being hit by classmates bring the hospital, in the hospital corridor, Rio Wen Wen Shuai Shuai anxiously thinking also fainted on the road. Zhihao found the fainted Wenshuai on the road and quickly called him to wake up. Taking advantage of the time when Tao Qiao went to the toilet, Tuowian Shuai hurried out and wanted to call back Wen Shuai to wake up. He just walked out of the hospital door and saw that Wen Shuai had been lifted from the ambulance and was preparing to go to the rescue, thinking about lying in the first aid. Shuai will be shocked by a doctor. Tuowen Shuai is very worried. When he thinks about it, he will sneak back Wenlong, who is lying on the stretcher, back to his residence.

Tao Qiao was very worried about not finding Tuowen Shuai in the hospital. He quickly went back to his place to look for him. At this time, Tuowu Shuai had already sent Wen Long home, knowing that Tuo Wenshuai was innocent and resting, Tao Qiao finally let go. I saw that Tao Qiao took care of Tuowian Shuai, and Wen Shuai was very grateful to her.

Li Zhencheng was called to the office by the teacher. The class teacher received an anonymous letter and knew that he was asking for money from the classmate. The class teacher blamed him. Li Zhencheng thought that the anonymous letter was written by Zhihao, and he found him directly in the canteen. The classmate’s face, directly gave him a punch, Zhihao’s nosebleeds immediately came out, fortunately, Tao Qiao rushed up at the time, biting Li Zhencheng, Shi Hao took the opportunity to escape. Classmates are talking about what Li Zhen became assaulting Zhihao. Tao Qiao asked Vasco to know why. Vasco said that he now does not know Zhihao. Because the shadow of Zhihao could not be found everywhere, Wenshuai was very worried. In the evening, he twirled on the bed and sent a lot of text messages to Zhihao. He asked where he went, and he could not think of it.

On the evening of the same day, Wen Shuai saw that the original supermarket was still hiring a cashier, so he went to the boss and asked to come back. He saw his old solid wood, and the boss took him back.
In the supermarket, when Wen Shuai worked, he accidentally saw that Li Zhencheng was playing Zhihao. He rushed to the ground and blocked Zhihao from being beaten. Li Zhencheng, who is arrogant, let them attack each other. If they don’t do it, they will start playing. Shi Hao, who was timid and timid, hammered up the extension of Wen Wenshuai several times, and Tuo Wenshuai’s face was swollen, and the nosebleeds came out. Zhihao directly told Li Zhencheng that the person who wrote the letter was Tao Qiao.

Worried that Tao Qiao was retaliated by Li Zhencheng, Tuowu Shuai had secretly protected Tao Qiao and saw Tuowian Shuai looking for Tao Qiao. He nervously followed the past. At the end of the time when Tao Qiao was about to be beaten, Tuowu Shuai fell from the sky like Superman. He grabbed Li Zhencheng’s fist and waved it, and pulled Tao Qiao to escape. Tuowian Shuai’s hero saves the beauty and is sent to the campus network by the students. They are secretly exclaiming the courage of Tuowen Shuai. He Na saw the video and knew that when he met Tuowen Shuai yesterday, he was because of the first aid Tao Qiao. Perfunctory her, my heart is very unhappy.

In the restaurant, Tuowu Shuai and Tao Qiao met with Li Zhencheng unexpectedly. Li Zhencheng directly overturned the food in the hands of Tuo Wenshuai. He knew that he could not beat him. Tuowen Shuai chose silence. Privately, Li Zhencheng asked his Ma Zi to inquire about Tuo Wenshuai’s residence, and he wanted to cause trouble. Zhihao, who has no bones, went to the supermarket to ask Wen Shuai to inquire about Tuowen Shuai’s residence. Tuowen Shuai did not tell him with vigilance. He Na found Zhihao in the supermarket. She wanted to know what Li Zhen had become with Tao Qiao. Zhihao will The reason for the matter was told He Na.

He Na launched a class girl to reject Tao Qiao, retired the school uniform made by Tao Qiao, scribbled flowers on Tao Qiao’s desk, and mischievously put a simulated snake in her locker.

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