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Lookism Episode 37 Recap

Chris escapes from the magic cave Tao Qiao knows the truth

Chen Hubin was sanctioned by the law because of Wen Shuai, and the acting career was completely ruined. He ran to the studio to explain to Wen Shuai, and Wen Shuai opened him and began to walk outside the door. Tao Qiao asked if he was Tuowian Shuai , and Tuo Wenshuai succumbed to reality in the public, and refused to admit it.

When Tu Wenshuai returned to his place of residence, Mark had already waited with his assistant. When he saw Tuowen Shuai returning, Mark said coldly that he already knew the truth of the matter. He was not a member of Parliament at the moment, but Tuowen Shuai. Hearing his identity and seeing that Mark had let the assistant hold him in preparation for an injection, the situation was very urgent. At this time, Tao Qiao came.
It happened that Tao Qiao and the housekeeper came in together. Mark stopped his hand. The butler calmly said that someone wanted to see President Lu. Tuowen Shuai entered the room with Tao Qiao. He quickly closed the door and saw that Mark had arranged it. People monitor here. Chris let Tao Qiao wait in the room now. He wants to go out and figure out the truth. He heard that Tao Qiao suspects that he is not Tuowen Shuai. Chris told Tao Qiao that he will tell her the truth when he returns.

Chris came to the living room and found that the butler had been stunned by Mark, and Chris quickly helped the butler. The butler told him before he died. In fact, he had long suspected that Chris was not President Lu. Now President Lu has been in his life. Telling him about Plan B, he also told Chris that the hidden place of the evidence, Chris knew that his mobile phone had been set up by Mark, in order not to attract their attention, Chris put the evidence hiding place through Tao Qiao’s mobile phone with WeChat Tell the fat man handsome, let the fat man Shuai quickly save him, the evidence is in Tao Qiao.

Fat Wenshuai received a text message and quickly called Gu Qiguang and Vasco. Because of their timely arrival, Tao Qiao was safe, and Chris turned to safety. When Tao Qiao got the evidence, she saw Mark’s surveillance video in the notebook. In the video, Fat Wenshuai and Chris exchanged their bodies. Tao Qiao can’t believe it.

Finally the police came. They took Mark and the fierce accomplice all together. The situation finally stabilized. The people together worriedly supported the weak Chris and saw that they called Tuowen Shuai as “Chris”. Tao Qiao could not help. Q, who is the real fat man, everyone silent, Tao Qiao guessed that they all know the truth, the only person in the drum is her, Tao Qiao painfully asked, which is her extension Wenshuai. Chris fainted at this time.

After sending Chris to the emergency center, Fat Wenshuai took the initiative to apologize to Tao Qiao. Fat Wenshuai said frankly that he knew that he was short and fat and his appearance was not good. He always used handsome and handsome body to appear in front of everyone. Glory and advocacy, let him finally come out from the shadow of fat man Shuai, he has no way to accept the life that was ridiculed in the past, so he has been deceiving Tao Qiao. Tao Qiao heard the fat man’s heart, the mood gradually stabilized, she comforted the fat man Shuai pretended that this is a dream, a person who does not even love to talk about how to love others.

The next day, the hospital’s examination of Chris came out. He had a small tumor in his head, and at most only three months of survival. Upon hearing this bad news, Chris immediately rushed to the prison where Mark was detained. He directly asked Mark where he buried his sister. If he told him to tell his sister’s burial address, he went to the court to change his testimony. Mark finally told Chris of his sister’s burial place that Chris’s only remaining hope was all destroyed. He was already crazy, and Mark was not allowed to die. He would be ruined in prison for a lifetime.

Coming out of the hospital, Chris sent a text message to Tao Qiao, about to go out at night.

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