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Lookism Episode 35

After returning to Chris and saying goodbye to her grandmother , Fat Wenshuai went outside the ward and bid farewell to Li Zhencheng, Vasco and Gu Qiguang . Fat Wenshuai knew that this was Chris’s body. He could not rob Chris’s right to survive. Telling good friends, he also has his own destination, saying that Fat Wenshuai pressed the eyes of Horus.

The Eye of Horus has now lost its effectiveness, and Fat Wenshuo has not worked for many times. He is still in Chris’s body. Vasco advised him to go on like this. Fat Wenshuai was worried that if he didn’t go to see his sister today, his sister would be in danger. In order not to make Mark suspicious, he went to see Mark. Mark showed him the video of his sister. Time was already last year. Fat Wenshuai asked where his sister is now. Mark said fiercely that he would see his sister after the body exchange tonight. Mark is ready for body swapping in a low temperature operating room. He lamented that he had done a lot of physical exchange transactions before this. Mark pushed the switch. Fat Wenshuai had a sudden cardiac arrest in the rescue room. The doctor started electric shock rescue. Mark also found a lot of abnormalities in the operating room, he has never seen this strange shape,

In the emergency room, the doctor saw that there was no vital signs on the detector. He was about to declare the death of Fat Wenshuai. Suddenly, Wen Wenshuai opened his eyes. Medically, this phenomenon is a miracle. When President Lu wakes up, he begins to call “Yinger” where he is. Mark has already believed that President Lu and Tuowen Shuai have exchanged their bodies.

Fat Wenshuai wakes up. He tells Gu Qiguang that they are dangerous. He and President Lu are lying in the operating room. Mark is about to exchange their bodies. After hearing the clues provided by Fat Wenshuai, Li Zhencheng and Vasco rushed to Mark to rescue Chris. Helpless Mark’s operating room is very strict, and even the bathroom is equipped with a fence, they can only wait in the car.

After a long time, Gu Qiguang saw that Chris was helped by many people to return to a villa. The outside of the villa was guarded and many bodyguards were on call 24 hours a day. Vasco feels that if the body swap has already begun, then Chris they see is likely to be President Lu. Secretary Jiang told them that this president Lu is a big business man, worth tens of billions, and he is the top three in the Forbes rich list. He is so rich and it is possible to hire people to exchange his body.

In accordance with the will of President Lu, Hus will be inherited all his property, and Mark toast to Chris. Chris signed the word on the inheritance book and accepted all the information that Chris had given him about Chris himself. Hearing Mark said that he had to leave for Japan immediately, and there was a surgery waiting for him. Chris’s right hand suddenly stopped listening. Mark saw that he had to check the diagnosis quickly. Chris ordered him not to go anywhere before he was cured. Mark had to suspend the plan to go to Japan. Tao Qiao bought Meng Qi asked her to ask Li Zhencheng, who is Chris in the end, Meng Qi pretends to smear the answer to the answer – the original Chinese name of Chris is Wen Shuai! Tao Qiao smashed, fat Wen Shuai once told him that Chris is a dog, but now he knows that he is just an English name, what can be hidden.

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