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Lookism Episode 33

Chris sees the buyer fat Wenshuai desperately rescue Chris
When Chris wakes up, he sees himself tied up on the diagnostic table and asks what the stranger in front of him wants to do. Mark receives the call from the buyer. The other person calls himself President Lu. He bids for one billion to buy Chris. Organ, Mark lied that the preoperative examination was very good, and surgery could be done tomorrow night. President Lu wanted to check the goods. In order to avoid Chris’s excitement, Mark injected an anesthetic on Chris’s neck, and Chris fainted. .

Fat Wenshuai and Gu Qiguang were anxiously looking for Chris’s whereabouts. Fat Wenshuai was awakened by Mark’s unintentional encounter with the eye of Herus. He saw Chris tied to a dark hut and he asked Mark in a panic. Why tied Chris here, Mark quickly pressed the eye of Herus, and now wakes up with Chris. Mark was amazed at the wonderful scenes that appeared in front of him. He has not considered too much, and a million yuan in salary has already made him crazy.

At the home of Gu Qiguang, Fat Wenshuai woke up and told them the clues of Chris. He took everyone to find the dark cabin with his memory. Mark pushed Chris to the front of President Lu in a wheelchair. President Lu was already dead. He looked at the body that was going to be replaced immediately. He was very satisfied. He looked greedily at the charming Chris, feeling gram. Rees is the future of herself.

Chris saw him eating a fried cockroach in a sip, seeing his squirming throat, his fierce face only wants to vomit. President Lu let his men launch a row of new clothes for Chris to put on, and see Chris young and handsome who changed his clothes. President Lu let Mark hurry to perform the surgery as soon as possible, in order to prevent the eyes of Herus. The rotation of the strange, Mark quietly told his men to quickly remove the fat man, and save a long night dream. Gu Qiguang and Vasco were desperately searching for clues in the hut. Gu Qiguang found a lot of underground human body transactions in the computer, where he was shocked to see that Chris’s purchaser was an old man, and then saw a photo of Chris Sister. Mark’s hired thugs soon found them, and the two sides began to desperately beaten. Fat Wenshuai was in a coma because he was exchanging his body with Chris.

When Fat Wenshuai woke up in Chris’s body, he found himself being placed in the bedroom by Mark’s arranged thugs. He tried desperately to escape. When Fat Wenshuai escaped with Vasco, he tried to get rid of Peng Hu’s figure and rushed to ride a motorcycle, so that the motorcycle rider quickly took him out of here. The fat handsome did not expect this motorcycle. The person is Chen Hubin! Chen Hubin is preparing to bring Pang Shuai to Mark in front of Peng Hu, and he did not want to take the initiative to get on his car.

The car has been riding far away to stop, Chen Hubin took off his helmet, fat handsome at this time still do not know Chen Hubin’s fierce face. Fortunately, Chris got rid of the entanglement of the thugs. He ran out of the building and saw a motorcycle. He directly smashed Chen Hubin’s foot and then took the fat man to leave. Chen Hubin watched the fat handsome who had been sent to the thief’s nest and was slipped away. Mark let his men bring Chen Hubin and Peng Hu into the house. At once, Fat Wenshuai and Chris slipped away, or they walked on Chen Hubin’s motorcycle. Mark was very angry. His men stared at Chen Hubin’s head with a gun. Chen Hubin kneels on the ground and asks him to give him another chance.

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