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Lookism Episode 32

Chris finds the nurse, Mary, because of abnormal surgery
Chris remembers that he used to live in a nearby welfare home. His real name is actually Li Minhao. Chris went to the welfare home to find out if there was a nurse named “Mary.” The other person did not hear the name. Then Chris let She helped to find out the clues of a girl named “Yinger”. In the same year, he and his sister were sent to the welfare home at the same time. Later, he was adopted to the United States. He has not heard of his sister for many years.

Chris returned to his place of residence, and the fat handsome asked him why he didn’t answer the phone. Later, when he ran, Chris didn’t make Pang Shuai tell the truth to Tao Qiao earlier , and he didn’t use his body to date Tao Chi. Chris returned to the dormitory, in order to prevent Gu Qiguang from discovering the whereabouts in the future , the positioning software in the mobile phone was deleted.

On the day of the online drama conference, Fat Wenshuai saw that Peng Hu also came. He thought that Peng Hu must be looking for trouble. He was scared that he rushed to Tuo Wenshuai . At the press conference, the reporter asked Chris. Just twenty years old, how a student in school is acting so well in the film, Chris is reluctant to correct, he is twenty-four years old, and is not a college student. The reporter was on the verge of a slap in the face, scared the director to help him to play round, fat Wenshuai saw sweating. He repeatedly suggested that Chris could cooperate with the reporter.

The press conference was paralyzed. After a while, Chris received a call. He rushed out of the press conference. The fat guy rushed over to block Chris. At the very least, he had to wait until the end of the conference. Chris didn’t listen to him at all. He came to his nanny car. Peng Hu wanted to stop him, but it wasn’t Chris’s opponent. Chris went to Peng Xiao, and he took Pang Shuai with him. Drive away together.

Fat handsome didn’t know where he was going, the car quickly arrived at a hospital, where Chris’s former nurse, Mary Aunt, had developed moderate Alzheimer’s disease and didn’t know Chris at hand. Chris felt desperate. He walked to the balcony on the side of the ward and took a deep breath. Fat Wenshuai saw that Mary was using a nail clipper. He walked over and patiently helped Mary Aunt cut her nails. Mary said in her mouth that she remembered Chris’s previous Chinese name. She only remembers that both Chris and her sister were very beautiful and lovely brothers and sisters. Later they all went to the United States.

Chris drove back with the fat man. He remembered that he was adopted by a family in the United States, but his sister returned to China, but in the end he went to China, he really couldn’t remember. Fat Wenshuai saw his state and worried about him. Tao Qiao couldn’t find Tuwen Shuai and asked Fat Shuai to know his whereabouts. Fat Wenshuai saw Tao Qiao’s nervous expression. He still felt that he did not tell Tao Qiao for the time being.
Chris was stunned by an unknown person and then transferred to an underground hospital where a doctor was ready to transplant his organs. Through medical monitoring equipment, they found some abnormalities. This is the first time that the doctor has had such a malfunction for decades. In order to be safe, they suspend the operation and start looking for the source of the fault.

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