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Lookism Episode 31

Tuowu Shuai tells his friend Chris to find the bakery in the photo
Li Zhencheng and Vasco asked Fat Wenshuai what happened. Fat Wenshuai explained to them that they have two bodies. They used to be fat and handsome. The handsome and handsome coach in the school is actually a convenience store. The fat fat man in the fat. Li Zhencheng couldn’t figure out what was going on. There was no way. Fat Wenshuai pressed the eyes of Herus in front of them. Several people witnessed the truth of the matter. While being surprised, they are also asking the fat man to do so. Tao Qiao finally found it. When she saw Tuowen Shuai , she excitedly hugged her up. The friends around me saw Tao Qiao, and they wanted to stop. They wanted the fat man to explain it to her personally.

Tu Wenshuai asked Tao Qiao carefully, what if he was another person? Tao Qiao did not know what he meant, and it was difficult to open his mouth. Tuowen Shuai changed his mouth and said that he had the opportunity to go out to play together. When Chris took a bath, he couldn’t help but wonder how he would have this situation, and what happened to those who wore black clothes to pursue him. Chris was prepared to make these investigations clear these days.

Gu Qiguang brought the fat man and Chris to the house together. Fat Wenshuai made the soup and invited them to drink. The taste of the soup made Chris feel familiar. He thought that this bowl of soup had been used to drink, it seems to be a church. Gu Qiguang took a photo of the Chris wallet and asked the partners to investigate where the bakery was in the photo.
Chen Hubin and Peng Hu wanted to get rid of Tuowen Shuai. They found that there was another group of people who had enemies with Tuowen Shuai through the installation of the monitoring probe. In order to get more clues, Chen Hubin took Peng Hu to the inexplicable group. There are black people, they are clear and Tuowian handsome and hate, I hope the two sides can cooperate, Chen Hubin wants the other party to completely eliminate the Tu Wenshuai in the public’s field of vision, and unclear people want to catch Chris early to sell.

Fat Wenshuai originally asked Tao Qiao to complete her wish. By the way, she also wanted to tell her the truth of the matter. Tao Qiao took the initiative to pull up the handsome man, and for the first time in his life, the girl was holding hands. The fat man was very excited. To a text message, the text message allows the fat man to hurry to an address, fat Wenshuai pulled Tao Qiao to this address, the original location on the photo is here. In an emergency, Fat Wenshuai let Tao Qiao advanced to order bread, and he stood outside the bakery to wake up Chris. Chris saw this familiar place and finally knew why he would have a later situation.

Tao Qiao waited for a long time in the bakery and didn’t see Tuowen Shuai coming in. She went out to see Tuowen Shuai’s face was tears. I don’t know what happened. Tao Qiao is very surprised. Tuowen Shuai stood there holding his head. Whimpering, suddenly turned and ran away.

Tao Qiao about her sister came out shopping together. When she talked about the first date, she was put up with the pigeons by Tuowian Shuai. Ms. Tao Qiao told her that it seems that Tuowian Shuai has been glaring at her, and then she let Tao Qiao look at Qi Guang. A photo from a circle of friends, the little boy standing next to the cake shop in the photo is very similar to Tuowen Shuai. Tao Qiao feels that fat Wenshuai must have concealed her from her life.

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