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Lookism Episode 30

Tao Qiao and Tuo Wenshuai ‘s emotions heated up sharply. Tao Qiao wanted to make a few sets of clothes for Tuowu Shuai, so the next morning, she came to Tuowian Shuai’s residence to measure the size. Fat Wenshuai chatted with her. While obediently letting the size of the pottery. Tao Qiao accidentally touched the eyes of Chris behind Chris’s neck. Fat Wenshuai quickly returned to his body. Chris woke up and squirmed his arm and asked her what she was doing. Fat Wenshuai rushed to explain, and quickly pushed Tuowen Shuai into the house.

In the house, Fat Wenshuai told Wen Shuai to treat Tao Qiao in the future to be consistent with him, otherwise Tao Qiao would be suspicious, Tuo Wenshuai did not agree with him. Looking at the dumb and fat man in front of him, he felt very funny. Chen Hubin felt that Tuowen Shuai must have an ulterior secret. He secretly slammed the assistants around Tu Wenshuai and asked them to closely monitor him. He reported to him immediately.
Chris’s father was monitoring and seeing that Fat Wenshuai could enter and exit Chris’s body at any time. He felt very curious and ordered his men to grab the fat man and Tuowenshu together as soon as possible to continue to study the truth.

Tuowu Shuai and Fat Wenshuai were stunned by drinks on the set and then tied to unknown locations. When I woke up, Tuowu Shuai and Chris were dragged into the warehouse by a group of black men with sunglasses. Fat Wenshuai recognized him. The last time he tied him into the hotel was this group of people. The black man asked how the fat man was able to get into the body of Tuowen Shuai. The fat man Shuai saw that they were not good, and did not tell them the secret of the eye of Herus.

When he said that he had to go home together, Tao Qiao did not see their shadow when he was working. He worried that Tuo Wenshuai had an accident, and Tao Qiao quickly called Gu Qiguang . Gu Qiguang once installed a positioner on Tuowen Shuai. He called Vasco together to rescue Gu Qiguang.

In order to protect Chris, the fat man Shuai, so that those who do not know what is directly directed at him, unidentified people began to group fat and handsome, but despite this, fat Wenshuai still has nothing to mention. Chris saw that Fat Wenshuai was so loyal, he began to hit the ground with a self-defeating method, threatening the other party to stop. The black man ordered his men to pull Chris up. He showed off a new kind of injection medicine and told Fat Wenshuai that this injection would cause pain in the body and eventually he would die.

In order to protect the fat man, Chris madly opened the chair with his chair and picked up the pistol on the ground and sprayed it around. Fat Wenshuai messed up the needles of the unknown people to the professor’s abdomen, surrounded by professors, Chris in order to let them let go of the fat man, forced to say that he and the fat man Shuai exchanged the body is the neck The Eye of Horus – the door to the transformation of consciousness.

Gu Qiguang found a car with Vasco and Li Zhencheng, and found it according to the positioning, and finally saved the fat man and Chris. Several people thought about the nightmare together. Fat Wenshuai guessed that they must be traffickers. They met them at the station three months ago. Li Zhencheng is a bit puzzled. Even if the traffickers can’t always stare at them, Chris can’t hear Li Zhencheng talking to Fat Wenshuai. Seeing that they are going to misunderstand, Gu Qiguang suggested that Fat Wenshuai still tells everyone the whole thing, otherwise they There will be more incomprehension in the future.

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