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Lookism Episode 29

Tuowu Shuai introduced Tao Qiao to make makeup artist Tao Qiao asked Wen Shuai why her attitude towards her is cold and hot

Two people each to sign a lease agreement, fat Wen Shuai wake up missing extension files handsome , he was very nervous, searched all the house, finally we found him in the gym to see his good mood, fat Wen Shuai finally at ease It is. Chen Hubin has always suspected that Tuowen Shuai has personality schizophrenia. He took Peng Hu to Tu Wenshuai’s home to check, but from the monitoring, he found nothing unusual. Chen Hubin was very strange. After Chen Hubin left, Peng Hu returned to Tuowian Shuai. Inside the house, he found a pinhole camera.

According to the lease agreement, Fat Wenshuai went to the barbecue party organized by Tao Qiao . He carefully helped Tao Qiao to cut the bamboo stick. Tao Qiao saw that he was so gentle to himself now, could not help but make a small temper, this gentleman The attitude towards her was repeated, and Tao Qiao’s heart was messed up. Tao Qiao wanted to ask him why he turned a blind eye to him last time, and why did he hug her twice in the first half of the month, why did she introduce her today? When she went to the crew as a makeup artist, she couldn’t figure out exactly what kind of person she was in his heart. Fat Shuai heard his heart very sad. It turned out that he had once held Tao Qiao twice. How could this happen? He quickly returned to his place of residence and woke up Wen Shuai.

Tuowian Shuai knows that Fat Wenshuai’s thoughts on Tao Qiao are hungry. He went straight to Tao Qiao and sat down. He has been holding the arm of Tao Qiao and promised that he will never be cold again. Seeing that Tuowen Shuai was so embarrassed to Tao Qiao, Fat Wenshuai was jealous beside him. Seeing that Tuowu Shuai was in front of everyone’s Tao Qiao confession, he stood up impulsively and realized his own rashness. He quickly changed his mind. Even if you want to confess, you should take some formal things. You can’t use cabbage as a thing. Tu Wenshuai immediately agreed after hearing, he will find a special time to officially confess to Tao Qiao.

In a flower shop, Tuowian Shuai went to buy flowers with fat Wenshuai. Fat Wenshuai just bought a tulip. Gu Qiguang called Fat Wenshuai and asked him if he wanted to confess now. If Tuowen Shuai could not find it in the future, what should I do? Fat Wenshuai feels that there is a handsome man in the present. If he disappears one day, he will not even have a chance to confess. When Tuowu Shuai went back, he felt dizzy in his head and immediately met on the road. Fortunately, when He Na passed by, she hurriedly called the ambulance to take Tuowen Shuai to the hospital.

Fat Wenshuai saw the time of the appointment, and still did not see the shadow of Tuowen handsome. He took the tulip everywhere to find Tuowenshuai. Gu Qiguang saw the position and told him that he was in the hospital, and Fat Wenshuai took the flowers and rushed to the hospital. On the way, Peng Hu stopped Fat Wenshuai and asked him if he noticed that his roommate was multiple personality, and Fat Wenshuai denied it. When he arrived at the hospital, He Na and he could not find the shadow of the thin Wen Shuai.

Fat Wenshuai called to ask where he was, and Tuowen Shuai said that he had already awakened and saw that it was almost agreed, and he rushed to the date of the appointment. Fat Wenshuai thought that Tao Qiao was not waiting for him so late, but Tu Wenshuai said on the phone that Tao Qiao was still there. Seeing the shadow of Tao Qiao alone, Tuowu Shuai couldn’t help but hug her, and then left a kiss on her forehead. Fat Wenshuai saw that the tulip in his hand had fallen.

Back to the residence, Tuowu Shuai saw that he was discouraged, could not help but ask only to kiss his forehead and was so angry, it would not be fat Wenshuai never kissed Tao Qiao, seeing his ideas confirmed, Tu Wenshuai couldn’t help himself.

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