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Lookism Episode 28

Chris found his passport Tuo Wenshuai and Chris signed the lease agreement

The car quickly came to the studio. Chris found a passport from his backpack. His passport was attached with his photo, which read “Chris”. His real name should be this. Then Chris found a photo from the wallet. No wonder he always dreams that someone has been calling him “brother”. The little girl in the photo should be his sister. Gu Qiguang advised Chris to help the fat man, at least he did not attempt to escape today, because so many days of getting along, they have already become good friends with his body. Chris did not refuse Gu Qiguang and began to go to the studio to put on the costumes to prepare for acting. This time he played very well and the director was very satisfied with his performance.

Coming back from the studio, Tao Qiao waited for him in their residence. Chris did not enter the house with great enthusiasm and went straight to the door. Tao Qiao saw his attitude so cold, he was very wronged, and the fat handsome quickly came over and knew. Tao Qiao is here to invite them to drink chicken soup, he is very happy. When drinking chicken soup, Fat Shuai also invited Chris. Tao Qiao and her sister saw the two of them very happy together for the first time. Fat Wenshuai also said happily that he has become Chris’ assistant. In the future, he will not have to go to the big night shift in the supermarket.

When eating, Chris saw that Fat Wenshuai had been staring at Tao Qiao when he was eating. He found that there was a flaw between them, and he asked Bo Tao if he had a boyfriend. It would be better to be a fat man. Tao Qiao was very angry to tell him that he and fat Wenshuai are ordinary good friends. Fat Wenshuai saw that he was going to make a mistake, and he quickly took Chris back to his place. Chris’s father quietly checked their residence, so he took a lot of unidentified people in black clothes and took Chris back. Chris didn’t appreciate it. The other person injected the medicine directly into Chris’s body. Chris fainted. The clothing man tied him away.

Tao Qiao went downstairs to buy things, just happened to see a group of people tied Tuo Wenshuai away, she was frightened, and quickly reported to the police. A group of black people removed the mark on the back of Chris’s neck. He felt that there was some situation, and it should be a problem with the chip. The black man decided to let Chris return the water in the morning.

Fat Wenshuai woke up and saw that he was tied to a hard iron board. There were a few black people around him. They looked at themselves fiercely. Fat Wenshuai was very scared and worried that he would not be The kidnapped organ has kidnapped it. The leader smiled and shouted his name “Chris”, comforted him not to be nervous, and later injected him something to make him fall asleep quickly, fat Wenshuai stuttered that they made a mistake, he is Tuowen Handsome, there is a grandmother who lives in Sanwenqiao selling cakes, and now he is waiting for him to go back. The other party was shocked and knew that someone could enter Chris’s body freely. They quickly let the fat man go.

The two of them signed a body lease agreement. During the rental period, Tuowu Shuai needed to complete all the housework such as cleaning and cooking, washing clothes, etc. Chris must lend his body to fat man coach when he was dating Tao Qiao, but on the set, Rees also wants to change the body of Tuowen Shuai. The two had no objection to the agreement, and they signed the name on it.

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