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Lookism Episode 27

Chen Hubin came to the studio early. He liked Jiang’s director. He thought that Tuowu Shuai would not come. He could easily replace Tuowen Shuai. I didn’t expect Tuowen Shuai to walk by himself before the filming. The director did not get angry. Let him hurry to prepare, and he is about to start shooting.

Tao Qiao came to the studio with his own new clothes. He wanted to see Tuowian Shuai, but the staff did not let him in. Tao Qiao could only entrust the staff to transfer things to Tuowen Shuai. The first time he played a TV series, Tuowu Shuai had no experience at all. The director repeatedly auditioned twice. He faced the camera with a singular promise. The director shouted a pause and let Tuowen Shuai change his clothes. Tuowen Shuai returned to the car. I was very grateful to see Tao Qiao giving him his clothes. He changed his clothes and started the third test.

The makeup artist helped him organize the clothes, inadvertently touching the eyes of the Horus behind the back of Tuowen Shuai, Tuowu Shuai has become Chris, Chris has been cynical, seeing Chen Hubin’s provocative eyes, Chris strives Entering the state, he quickly passed the first test shot. When the director excitedly shouted the card to praise him, Chris left.

Chen Hubin’s conspiracy did not succeed. He called Penghu and asked him if he felt that Tuowen Shuai sometimes changed his personality. Peng Hu thought that the first time he saw Tuowian Shuai was a little white sweet, but later did not know. What happened, in a fight, he was actually stunned by Tuowen Shuai. Peng Hu felt very interesting. Chen Hubin asked him if he thought that Tuowen Shuai was a dual personality. Peng Hu did not understand any dual personality. As long as Chen Hubin gave him money to teach him to expand his skills, he did it.

In the evening, Peng Hu stopped Tuowen Shuai’s road. Tuowian Shuai saw him squatting. He was not lucky enough to be killed last time, so he didn’t want to fight with Peng Hu. Peng Hu was aggressive, he gave The extension of Wenwen Shuai, Tuowian Shuai fell to the ground, the eyes of Horus on the neck were touched by Peng Hu, Tuo Wenshuai immediately changed back to Chris, he turned and sturdy Peng Hu A meal, this time enough Penghu to raise a while.

In the morning, Tuowu Shuai suddenly woke up. He changed his normal state and returned to Chris. Tuowen Shuai asked him not to move around today, because today he is going to the studio to start shooting, Chris does not care what the film is not on the scene, despite Tuowen Shuai Pulling him to plead, he finally has the achievements of today, let him continue to return to the cast as an actor. Chris opened him.

Chris left the house and came out to find the scene in front of him. He remembered that he was flustered and ran here. He also locked a backpack on a password cabinet. Chris opened the password cabinet with his memory. He carried it. The backpack went to the door, and the father just came with him. The father opened his arms to let Chris go to him. Chris saw his eyes. He couldn’t help but wonder if he was really his father, but he felt that he was subconscious. Some panic, hesitating in the gap, fat Wenshuai rented a car to get there, called Chris to get on the bus, Chris was hesitating, and Fat Wenshuai pulled him into the car.

Fat Wenshuai let Chris return to the studio and continue shooting. Chris asked to get off the bus. The two men were deadlocked. The assistant drove the car in order not to be fired by the boss. He quickly flew toward the studio.

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