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Lookism Episode 26

Since Gu Qiguang was confined and confined, he has never seen Tuowen Shuai . He worried that he called the coach, and the fat handsome told him that something was going on. Then Gu Qiguang asked Jiang to take the bodyguard away and secretly went to find the fat man. Qi Guang learned about the incident from the fat handsome side. He said that he once saw Kris waking up while sleeping in the dormitory . It is speculated that the fat girl always has amnesia should be related to Kris waking up.

Qi Guang went to bed and wanted to wake up Kris. Fat Wenshuai was very nervous and hid behind. I didn’t expect Kris to wake up. Fat Wenshuai fainted. Fat Wenshuai woke up from Kris’s body and was pleasantly surprised to find that he was back to a handsome Tuowu handsome, very happy. After this incident, Fat Wenshuai was deeply afraid that Kris would wake up and leave his body again, so even his grandmother called him. He did not dare to let the fat man wake up. Instead, he answered the phone in the name of a roommate to appease his grandmother.

The next day, at the bus stop, Tao Qiao told Tuowu Shuai Peng Hu that he was hospitalized and had been taken away by the police. Vasco and Li Zhencheng had also been discharged from the hospital. It was finally rainy after the typhoon, and Tuowian Shuai also You can concentrate on preparing for a new play. Tuowu Shuai asked Tao Qiao if he had found some abnormal things about himself. Tao Qiao remembered that he last time and took the initiative to hug himself after he had finished playing with Peng Hu. Tu Wenshuai did not remember the incident at all. He thought that he was doing something strange and horrible. He hoped that Tao Qiao would not be in the heart.

After Tao Qiao listened to the words of Tuowen Shuai, her mood was always depressed. She originally thought that Tuowu Shuai was a self-loving person. I did not expect him to be pressured. Su Mengqi had an idea. She let Li Zhencheng and Tuo Wenshuai go to Taoqiao for confession this evening. Tuowu Shuai nodded and agreed.

In the classroom, Chen Hubin, who was sitting behind Tuowian Shuai, saw the pattern on his neck. He was very curious and touched it. Tuowen Shuai immediately got a headache and then became Kris. The teacher asked Tuowen Shuai to sing on the stage. Kris looked at everything in front of him. As he said, he was replacing him. He looked at the classmates. He showed a scornful smile in his unremarkable face and confidently walked onto the stage. Everyone sang, and the whole class applauded him for the crane dance. The fat handsome wakes up at home and finds that it is wrong. He immediately took out the second sleep artifact and found that it was useless.

Gu Qiguang found out that he was wrong. He followed Tuowen Shuai and tried to communicate with him in English, trying to understand him. Who knows that Tuowen Shuai directly came to the school gate. A group of people in black clothes waited there, saw Kris coming over, and the person who led the way claimed to be Kris’s father, hoping that Kris would follow him. Kris had a headache. He felt that the person in front of him was not a good person, and he ran away. Gu Qiguang followed closely.

Kris took advantage of Gu Qiguang to ask him why he followed him. Gu Qiguang wanted to help him. He wanted to find out who he was, but Kris didn’t appreciate it. At this moment, Kris had a headache and cracked. Gu Qiguang looked at him. It turned out that Wen Shuai returned to Kris’s body, and Tu Wenshuai himself could not understand why. He took the mobile phone in his pocket and saw a dozen phone calls from Li Zhencheng. He suddenly thought that Tao Qiao ran back immediately. Gu Qiguang reluctantly followed Tuowen Shuai, and he lamented that he really did everything for Tu Wenshuai.

Tuowu Shuai returned to the classroom and immediately apologized to Tao Qiao and said that he had something to say to her. Tao Qiao has already prepared for it. Who knows that Tuowen Shuai has swallowed his words after thinking about it for a while, and sent a box of snacks to Tao Qiao and then turned away. Gu Qiguang is very speechless. Maybe Tuowu Shuai has his concerns. After all, Tao Qiao likes Kris’ body, not himself. Tao Qiao borrowed Gu Qiguang’s sketchbook and planned to design a new dress for Tuowen Shuai and send him a gift to shoot a new play.

Chen Hubin was removed from the babysitter by Bai Dongyuan, and his assistant became an assistant to Tuowen Shuai. He was so bad that he asked the assistant to unscrupulously destroy the new play of Tuowen Shuai. Sure enough, Tuo Wenshuai shot the car on the first day and stopped at halfway. In desperation, he had to run to the shooting site. When the director was making a big Thunder, Tuowu Shuai rushed to the studio.

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