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Lookism Episode 25

Fat Wenshuai came to Grandma’s bed and said goodbye to the sleeping grandmother’s tears. The next day, Fat Wenshuai called Peng Hu, saying that he was fed up with Tuowu Shuai and wanted to deal with him with Peng Hu. The enemy of the enemy was a friend. He proposed to destroy the reputation of Tuowen Shuai and then the outsider. Tuo Wenshuai had a meal, Peng Hu believed in the words of Fat Wenshuai, and then they agreed on the time and place.

After finishing the phone call, Fat Wenshuai took out the medicine of the drawer and slept. The Tuowue Shuai woke up from the bed and looked at his body. His heart was sad. Tuowu Shuai went to the rehearsal room training and learned that there would be no more people coming from the rehearsal room. He quickly took out the electric rod and corona himself to make a proof of absence. Fat Wenshuai woke up from home, he picked up the fruit knife that had already been bought, and the typhoon wind wrinkled. Tao Qiaoguan window saw the fat man who took the fruit shop and hurried on the road, so he stopped him.

Tao Qiao was very angry and beat a fat man, hoping that he would not do stupid things in the future, in case he had an accident, what would his grandmother do? The fat man with trepidation was overwhelmed. Tao Qiao received a phone call from his sister Axi, so he went to help things and walked first. Fat handsome is very hurry to Tao Qiao so he threw the fruit knife and walked home slowly. The typhoon has arrived and there is heavy rain in the sky. Fat handsome went to his own rooftop, sitting behind a person, and called his name, fat handsome fixed eyes to see that it was Peng Hu.

The sky was raining, and the fat handsome was scared and regretted again. It turned out that Peng Hu had already known that the fat handsome had followed him with a fruit knife and went to the door to settle the account. The fat handsome was thrown to the ground by Peng Hu. The rain hit the fat handsome glasses. He couldn’t see the tears. He got up and fought with Peng Hu. Just as Peng Hu approached him, a strong wind blew and Peng Hu Blowed downstairs. Fat handsome hurriedly ran over to see and found Peng Hu lying in the trash can downstairs, motionless, he thought that Peng Hu died, screaming and murdering himself.

Tuowu Shuai woke up in the training room, went home and put the fat man into the suitcase, and threw the fat handsome into the sea. Then the mark on his neck faintly glowed, and he slammed on the ground in pain. Fat handsome wakes up in the suitcase, but he wants to die, but he finds that he can’t sleep. The guess is that Tuowen Shuai’s body has a problem, so he is desperately crying for his grandmother to save his life. Grandma is suddenly surprised by her sleep, and she is uneasy, she calls the fat handsome, but she has been unable to get through.

Peng Hu woke up from the trash can, just about to get up and be caught by the wind and the wind. So he called Chen Hubin and asked him to send himself to the hospital.

The fat handsome suitcase was inexplicably back to the surface of the water and floated back to the shore. He quickly climbed out of the trunk. Tu Wenshuai slowly stood up on the shore, facing the surrounding sea, how can he not remember why he appeared here. He walked to the fat Wenshuai side, fat handsome saw the extension and will speak, Tuo Wenshuai, very shocked, Tuowen Shuai is even more inexplicable, full of hostility to the fat handsome.

Tuowen handsome phone rang, it was brought by Vasco, fat handsome grabbed the phone and picked up, Vax excitedly told Wen Shuai to see the bones of Peng Hu in the hospital, fat handsome is very happy, the original Peng Hu not dead. Tuowian handsome violently grabbed the phone and threw it on the ground, facing the fat handsome, asking him to explain what was going on, so the fat handsome brought Tuowen Shuai to his home. Tu Wenshuai looked at the house in front of his eyes, but he couldn’t think of anything. Fat Shuai told him that he was himself, he went to school for himself during the day, and he also helped himself become an actor. Tuowen Shuai thought that the fat handsome used his body as a slave and slammed his fat body on the wall. Then I was ready to go out and figure out the things. The fat man who was at a loss was rushing to take out the book and stunned Tuowian Shuai.

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