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Lookism Episode 24

Tuowian Shuai went to the barwith Gu Qiguang , and Gu Qiguang entered the box with the identity of VIP. Tuowue Shuai saw that Tao Qiao was pressed by Peng Hu. He was kicked forward and Peng Hu, who was kicked open, instantly angered and violently hit the top of the text, Gu Qiguang threw Peng Yu from behind, Peng Hu is When they were angry and decided to kneel down on them, Secretary Jiang arrived with the police and Peng Hu escaped from the back door.

Tuowu Shuai and Tao Qiao and Gu Qiguang just came out from the police station. President Wei came down from the car and slaps at Gu Qiguang and takes him away. Tao Qiao was suspended from school because of the trip to the bar, and Tu Wenshuai came to see her. At this time, Gu Qiguang was also banned at home. Vax and Li Zhencheng were still in the hospital. Tuo Wenshuai felt very guilty. Tao Qiao patiently comforted him.

When Tu Wenshuai returned home, he woke up to sleepy fat man, and then he fell to the bed. Fat Wenshuai woke up to take out Peng Hu’s U disk from Tuowu Shuai’s pocket. In the U disk, Peng Hu bullied his video. He made up his mind and went to Bai Dongyuan with a USB flash drive. Bai Dongyuan saw the contents of the U disk, and with the explanation of Fat Wenshuai, he immediately knew why Tuowu Shuai was going to play Peng Hu. He decided to make the complete video public on the Internet, and also to open up a handsome innocence. Bai Dongyuan admired the courage of fat Wenshuai to uncover his scars for his friends.

Soon the video spread on the Internet, the students found that they had misunderstood the extension Wenshuai, and they supported the message below the video. Tuowen Shuai became a positive person, and Peng Hu became the wicked person who called everyone. . Tu Wenshuai has also won the favor of many directors, and he is named to play the leading role in the play. President Wei here learned the truth of the matter and decided not to expel Tuowen Shuai and resumed the suspension of Tao Qiao.

Chen Hubin saw that the well-designed plan was ruined and angered. He was desperately looking for a branch to pay for Peng Hu. Peng Hu was hiding in a small hotel. He saw the netizens on the phone and asked him to be angry with Chen Hubin. The phone fell and shattered. Then he vowed to ruin Tuowen Shuai, so that he could no longer be a star and a model, and he could only be a disabled person in his next life.

Tao Qiao saw the video of helping Tuo Wenshuai whitewashing. She worried about the feelings of fat Wenshuai. She came to visit the fat man. I happened to see him buy a knife. The fat man said that he bought the knife to do it. Rice, then hurriedly walked away. After returning home, Fat Wenshuai looked at Tuowenshuai who was asleep. He said to himself that in fact, Shuai Wenshuai is really Tuowian Shuai. It is his appearance that gave him the opportunity to be born again. Those friends are also Shuai Wenshuai made a deal, and he made up his mind not to let Peng Hu succeed. Even if he was scarred, he must try his best to keep Shuai Wenshuai.

Fat Wenshuai went to the grandmother’s newly opened shop, let her grandmother shut the store early, and personally went home with her grandmother. He walked back with his grandmother, but his heart was very sad. Fat Wenshuai eats the food cooked by his grandmother. He feels extra fragrant and eats it. He lied to tell his grandmother that he was selected by the school. There is a chance to study abroad. It may take a long time to come back. Grandma heard that her grandson was worried about going abroad, worried that he would not be used to living outside and could not take care of himself. Fat Wenshuai listened to her grandmother’s tears and swallowed the rice into her stomach. Grandma was very reluctant to fat Wenshuai, she was wearing a fat man handsome tears.

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