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Lookism Episode 23

Turned into Kris ‘s Tuowu Shuai , bluntly did not know Peng Hu, Peng Hu was surprised to want to start to Kris, the result was reversed by Kris three feet and two feet on the ground called bitter. Kris couldn’t control himself. He put Peng Hu on the ground and went to the dead . Tao Qiao behind him shouted at him. Kris lost consciousness and saw her as a little sister. She also cared about Tao Qiao in her arms. Suddenly he had another headache and turned into a Tuowu Shuai. After seeing Peng Hu lying on the ground, he immediately pulled up Tao Qiao and quickly left the place. I don’t know if this was taken by Chen Hubin’s paparazzi.

Chen Hubin was very angry when he learned that Peng Hu couldn’t be caught by a chicken. He looked at Tuo Wenshuai’s video and immediately got an idea. He asked his brother to send the video of Tuowian’s handsome hits to the Internet, and the Internet exploded all at once. Bai Dongyuan also knows that he will make a big break for Tuo Wenshuai and even propose to cancel the contract with Tuo Wenshuai. Tu Wenshuai is very embarrassed, he does not know how he will become so powerful. In the face of the termination of the contract, he appeared very panic, which meant that the 60,000 yuan paid to his grandmother had been squandered. Tuowen Shuai had to tell Bai Dongyuan about the origin of Peng Hu and also put Vasco and Li Zhencheng into Peng. The thing that the tiger bullied also said, Bai Dongyuan promised to help him deal with this matter, just need him to temporarily stop filming.

Gu Qiguang helped Tuo Wenshuai analyze the cause of the incident, because Gu Qiguang found that Tuo Wenshuai’s move was not the first time. He suspected that Tuowen Shuai’s recent pressure was too great. Tuowian handsome is afraid that Peng Hu will retaliate against himself. Gu Qiguang feels that Peng Hu’s purpose is not fat and handsome. They went to the convenience store to look for monitoring, but found that Peng Hu’s violence against the fat man was gone.

Chen Hubin came to see Peng Hu, Peng Hu used a good camera in advance to ask Chen Hubin to give him the final payment, Chen Hubin had no choice but to hand over the money to Peng Hu. The surveillance video of the convenience store was deleted at night. The boss thought it was incredible. It turned out that He Na was deleted by Chen Hubin and the condition was that Chen Hubin introduced the professional plastic surgeon to He Na and gave her a message. Discount for artists.

Gu Qiguang and Tao Qiao went to the hospital to visit Vasco and Li Zhencheng, and wanted to discuss how to help Tuowen Shuai. Although Li Zhencheng used to be a gangster, he said that the person who talks about the rules is a person who has no rules, and Peng Hu is a person without rules. He proposed to announce again that the fat man Shuai Shuai was bullied to let the netizens flesh and soul, Gu Qiguang I don’t agree with Tao Qiao, because it will only cause secondary damage to Fat Wenshuai, and there is no Peng Hu in the video.

In the evening, Tao Qiao was blocked by Peng Hu in the alley that went back. In order to prevent Tuo Wenshuai from returning to danger, Tao Qiao went to the bar with Peng Hu, and was just seen by He Na who was also playing at the bar. He Na immediately called Tuo Wenshuai, and Tuo Wenshuai rushed to the bar immediately after hanging up the phone. Tao Qiao was brought to the box by Peng Hu. Peng Hu also played the complete video of Peng Wenshuai in the private room. Tao Qiao couldn’t bear it anymore. He poured the glass to Peng Hu and smashed others. The angered Peng Hu directly pressed Tao Qiao on the sofa. He slammed the neck of Tao Qiao and grabbed the mouth that Tao Qiao wanted to shout.

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