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Lookism Episode 21

In the face of the directors , Tuowen Shuai , the stage phobia was murdered again. His headache was splitting his eyes, and Jiang’s worried condolences werepushed to the groundby Kris ’s Tuo Wenshuai. Fat Wenshuai also noticed something wrong. He immediately got up and took the medicine can from the drawer and sprayed it into his mouth, only to find that the medicine had been used up.

Tuowian handsome and fiercely grasped the director of Jiang, sharp eyes and brave movements, got the screenwriter to get up and applauded, and said the lines are not the same as the original, the director even praised his perfect second creation of the work. Very in line with the state of the killer. Then Tuo Wenshuai was restored to the identity of Tuowu Shuai by Kris. The directors announced that he became the male No. 1 of the new drama. This made Tuowu handsome very embarrassed. He did not remember his own performance.

Chen Hubin’s expectation that the male No. 1 was taken away by Tuowu Shuai was very dissatisfied. Seeing Bai Dongyuan in the elevator sent high hopes to Tuowu Shuai, his heart was even more violent. He could not tolerate his position being taken away by Tuowen Shuai, so he Decided to make it worse. Chen Hubin asked his assistant to secretly investigate Tuowen Shuai and found his roommate Fat Wenshuai. He was very suspicious of the identity of Fat Wenshuai, so he found the owner of the fat man Shuai in the supermarket, He Na. He Na couldn’t stand the temptation of Chen Hubin’s star-making for her, and told Chen Hubin what she knew. Chen Hubin learned that Fat Wenshuai had been bullied at school, and even the video was sensational on the Internet, and suddenly he had an idea.

Chen Hubin found Peng Hu, who bullied Fat Wenshuai, bought Penghu with money, and gave him the address of Fat Wenshuai. After Peng Hu got the money, he went to the door of the fat Wenshuai supermarket and showed his face. Fat Wenshuai looked out from the supermarket and frightened a big jump. He rushed out to check, but Peng Hu disappeared. Peng Hu received a call from Chen Hubin, letting him interrupt the leg of Tuowen Shuai, so that he could not act.

The next day, Chen Hubin went to the classroom of Tuowen Shuai, and set up a debut in front of Tuowen Shuai, which made Tuowu Shuai scared. Gu Qiguang also saw Peng Hu, hurriedly ran to take Tuowen Shuai, Tuo Wenshuai thought that Peng Hu discovered the secret of him and fat Wenshuai, wanted to come to him for trouble, and for a time scared to be overwhelmed, Gu Qiguang comforted Tuowen Shuai’s secret is only known to him, so Peng Hu has no reason to come to him. Tuowian Shuai recalled all kinds of Penghu bullying people, but his heart was still panic. Gu Qiguang patted the shoulders of Tuowen Shuai and told him that he is no longer the former Tuowen Shuai, don’t be afraid.

In the evening, Chen Hubin went to the supermarket where Fat Wenshuai worked. He overbearing took away the things in the fat Wenshuai store, and also bluntly went to the next day to find Tuowenshuai. Fat Wenshuai was not scared. At night, he went back to see Tuowenshuai who was sleeping in bed. He took out the electric stick of the drawer and put himself on the stun bed. Tuowianshuai woke up and told himself in the mirror that he was not the former fat man. Handsome, now there is no need to be afraid of Peng Hu. The next morning, at the school gate, Tuowen Shuai met Peng Hu, and Tuo Wenshuai took the courage to go to the other side of the road. Peng Hu couldn’t help but move forward to Tuowen Shuai, and Tu Wenshuai bravely counterattacked, but after all, he was not used to fighting, but he was not able to compete with the fierce Peng Hu. After several contests, he was beaten to the ground by Peng Hu.

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