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Lookism Episode 20

Tuowu Shuai returned home with frustration and took advantage of the money saved in his hands. He was hesitating whether he was enough to rent a shop for his grandmother, and he received the information sent by Bai Dongyuan. Bai Dongyuan said that he can help Tuo Wenshuai to solve the current economic situation, as long as he promised to enter his company as an actor. Tu Wenshuai thought that he could help the grandmother to rent the shop and promised Bai Dongyuan’s invitation.

The next morning, Tuowian Shuai went to follow the entertainment. Bai Dongyuan opened the door and said that as long as Tu Wenshuai joined his company as a trainee, he could immediately predict the salary to his grandmother to open the shop. After that, he wrote a 60,000 piece. In front of Wen Shuai, Wen Shuai appeared very unconfident, and he was afraid that he could not bring benefits to the company. But under the persuasion of Bai Dongyuan, he still had the courage to sign the contract.

Tu Wenshuai immediately sent the money to his grandmother. Grandma received so much money and was very worried about calling Wen Shuai. Wen Shuai lied that he had paid the salary in advance and did not tell his grandmother that he had signed up for the entertainment company. thing. In fact, Wen Shuai did not know that the person who reported his grandmother’s booth was Bai Dongyuan, and Bai Dongyuan did not hesitate to try his best to dig up the text, and even secretly made it worse.

Tuowen Shuai is a trainee, Tao Qiao also knows, she is very supportive of Tu Wenshuai’s choice. Tuowen Shuai was very little at school after practicing, and he has been receiving hard training in the rehearsal room. Chen Hubin arrogantly thinks that he is the best, very optimistic about Tuowen Shuai, and is still posing in front of Tuowian Shuai, and even bullying him. Tu Wenshuai’s life in the training room is not good. In addition to the hard training every day, he has to take care of everyone’s feelings. He often goes home until midnight.

Tao Qiao went to the convenience store to find Tuowue Shuai, but he saw Gu Wenguang wearing a work clothes. Gu Wenguang was the class that replaced Fat Wenshuai. He didn’t know anything about selling things for the first time, or Tao Qiao skillfully helped him to pay for the customer. . At this time, the fat man Shuai came back in a hurry, he was about to talk, Gu Qiguang quickly grabbed his mouth. Then Gu Qiguang left, and Tao Qiao stayed behind and waited for Tu Wenshuai. Fat Wenshuai looked at what Tao Qiao wanted to say, but he couldn’t open his mouth.

Bai Dongyuan received a TV series and decided to let Tuowen Shuai go to audition for the male No.1. Tuowenshuai is very unconfident. Bai Dongyuan thinks that this drama has many movements, and the lines are very suitable for newcomers. I had to agree to it.

Tuowian Shuai practiced the words in the rehearsal room, Chen Hubin walked in, so Tuowu Shuai asked him, Chen Hubin learned that Tuowian Shuai had to audition the male No.1, and he taught the Tuowen Shuai after a sigh of relief. Looking for Bai Dongyuan theory, he thinks that Tuowu Shuaiguang has no strength and is very dissatisfied with the company’s decision. Bai Dongyuan calmly played billiards and let him prove himself. Anyway, anyone who is a company can benefit Bai Dongyuan.

Tuowu Shuai and Tao Qiao discussed the script and performed it in front of Tao Qiao. His acting skills made Tao slightly frown, but he still encouraged Tuo Wenshuai gently and found the students to help Tuowen Shuai audition. A group of classmates danced with Tuo Wenshuai, but unfortunately there was no breakthrough in Tuowian Shuai.

On the audition day, Chen Hubin’s performance made the directors very satisfied. Tuowu Shuai was struggling because he was nervous in the background. He struggled several times. Finally, Tuo Wenshuai was invited by the assistant to the stage. He looked good and he was praised by the directors, but because it was too nervous, Wen Shuai bowed his sleeves all the way and couldn’t say a word. The directors were very anxious and ready to adopt Chen Hubin.

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