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Lookism Episode 15

Hu Sancai saw that Gu Qiguang came alone. The people he called his men began to scold him. He wanted to stop Hu Sanchuan and tried to give him good words. Just as Vasco came here, he saw Zhencheng think it was Vibrating is still causing trouble. Zhencheng was also angry. He always had a heart for Vasco. When he was a child, he was beaten by him. Vasco beat him to save him. As a result, all the backs were scars. The cowardice of his own in the past has always been sorrowful, and he feels that he owes Vasco.
Vasco begged Hu Santong to let them go, and he could do anything for himself. Hu Sanzhang despicably let him undress in public, Vasco took off his shirt, and the back was full of scars.

Everyone began to laugh at him. The three-cylinder took a thick stick and slammed him toward him, shaking up in front of him. The police came and Hu Santong was finally caught.

Zhencheng began to repent, and Wen Shuai took the initiative to shake hands with him. Vasco told him that he had never been in the heart of childhood and let him forget the past. Zhencheng and Vasco embraced each other, and everything in the past began to be relieved. The class teacher announced a good news for everyone. They are about to hold a summer camp. The teacher also announced that Tuowu Shuai will represent the class to participate in the dance pizza. Tu Wenshuai has no confidence in himself. Tao Qiao feels that this is his best way to overcome his low self-esteem.

The people who came to the United States from Chris found clues. They saw that the model of an online store was exactly the same as Chris. They highly suspect that this person is Chris, in order to find Chris as soon as possible, they began to plan carefully.

Originally, Qi Guang was going to travel abroad. I heard that they all went to the summer camp. My heart was very lonely. The ginger secretary who came to arrange for him to tell the time of the hotel and the departure time of the upcoming landing, Qi Guang asked him when he was a child. What is the happiest thing to go to the summer camp, the secretary of Jiang is very intoxicated to recall, it should be the class boy who secretly went out to drink and was caught by the class teacher, and then collectively punished.

After thinking about it, Qi Guang decided to go to the summer camp with his classmates. Finally, he appeared at the moment when the car was about to depart! Wen Shuai saw that he was very happy. All the classmates in the class were talking and laughing. Qi Guang feels particularly relaxed, and he has always longed for such a life. In the car, the students started playing games, and the cooked people had to punish the drink of Coke. Zhencheng saw that Meng Qi was being drinked by other male students, and he sent it with vinegar.

When I came to the gathering place of the summer camp, the coach asked each classmate to hand over the mobile phone. Many of the students secretly hid the beer and the mobile phone were all confiscated by the coach. They saw a plush toy in the Zhencheng bag, and the coach laughed and shook. Cheng gave him a look. The life of the summer camp began very quickly. During the day, the students began to squat the stumps, stand the military posture and other physical training, and at night there will be a party to enjoy, everyone is very embarrassed.

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