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Lookism Episode 14

The gangster is finally caught by police. Gu Qiguang is going to fight for Tuowen Shuai

The gangster poured himself on his own body of gasoline. He wanted to swear and prepare to pull a few of them to bury him. Tuowen Shuai kicked off the lighter in the hands of the gangster. The crazy gangster took out his knife and prepared to stab him. Fortunately, Vasco arrived in time, and finally Tuowu Shuai, He Na and Tao Qiao were saved. The gangsters were taken away by the police, and Vasco took them back to rest.

In order to celebrate this difficult escape, Tao Qiao intends to hold a chicken to line up to celebrate, but also to ask Tuowu Shuai to go to the appointment together, Tu Wenshuai is very straightforward to wash his face and prepare to go to the appointment, suddenly a dizzy, he fell heavily on the ground. Suddenly a group of mysterious people came to China. What group of people received this task to find a foreign Chinese in China. This man is called Chris. He is Chinese. Later he grew up in the United States. He came to China three months ago and then disappeared. He has not been contacted yet. So their task this time is to find the missing Chris.

Gu Qiguang did not see Wen Shuai at the party. No one answered him. He went to Wenshuai’s residence to find him. At the residence, Gu Qiguang saw Wen Shuai sleeping in bed. Then he was surprised to see Tuowian Shuai. Fainted, two people fainted at the same time, this is Gu Qiguang has not seen, he woke up Tuo Wenshuai asked what happened, Tuo Wenshuai just feels headache and pain, Gu Qiguang knows Tuo Wenshuai wants to go to Tao Qiao to go to the appointment Therefore, it is recommended to let Wen Shuai replace Tuo Wenshuai.

At the party, He Na ridiculed Wen Shuai without a hero’s emergency. Wen Shuai ate a chicken leg and laughed haha. When he finished eating, Gu Qiguang suggested that Wen Shuai should tell the truth to Tao Qiao, otherwise he would be misunderstood in the future. Wen Shuai looked at his fat figure reflected on the car glass and decided not to tell them as well. Tuowian handsome fell asleep in the bed, suddenly he seemed to be called, and quickly awakened, then squatted out, on the street he met a previously sinful little punk, the little confidant in front of him, want him to The second thing apologizes, at this time Tuo Wenshuai is not a handsome man but Chris. Chris glared at them when they saw that the other party was not good. After finishing them, Tuowen Shuai was unclear and returned to Wen Shuai’s residence.

Tao Qiao has some uniforms to carry, Tuowen Shuai said that he did not have time at night, Zhi Hao volunteered to say that he was free, after moving the school uniform, Tao Qiao naturally asked him to eat as a reward. At the dinner table, Li Zhencheng, who had a face full of injuries, was drinking. Zhihao greeted Li Zhencheng. Tao Qiao asked him why he was so good to Li Zhencheng. Zhihao said that Li Zhencheng was actually quite good, but Hu Sanchuan became like this.

Hu Sanchuan asked Li Zhencheng to fight Wen Shuai and Gu Qiguang. Li Zhen’s achievements did not agree. Hu Sanchuan became angry and angered Li Zhencheng. Therefore, Li Zhencheng went to the restaurant to drink alcohol when he was bored. When Zhi Hao and Tao Qiao left, they saw Li Zhencheng drunk and drunk, so he carried him back. Hu Sanchuan’s men saw Li Zhencheng and Wen Shuai walking very close, ready to find time to clean them up. Zhihao heard the news and quickly ran the school to report to Tuo Wenshuai. Tao Qiao advised him to go quickly. They were not the opponents of Hu Sanchuan. Tuowian Shuai listened nervously to Tao Qiao.

Gu Qiguang knows that Hu Sanchuan will not easily put Tuowen Shuai, hesitated and he handed over to Zhihao a camera, let Zhihao take pictures of his being beaten. In the future, this video can be used as evidence to make up for Tuowen. This fight, Hu Sanchuan will not find the trouble of Tu Wenshuai in the future.

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