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Lookism Episode 12

He Na was restrained by her father and could not go out at home. She quickly called to find Tao Qiao to go to her house to help, and let a few clothes go. After Tao Qiao went to her house, she realized that He Na was anxious to do live broadcasts and wanted her to help. Get out of your own. Hearing this is the reason, Tao Qiao hesitated, but He Na insisted on going out, or threatened to jump off the building, worried that she would do stupid things, Tao Qiao can only take the risk and put on He Na’s clothes to help her get out.

In order to find the location, He Na went to the supermarket to ask Wen Shuai where his family lived. Wen Shuai only said that he was very close to Tao Qiao’s family, but he did not say it clearly. He Nawei Wen Shuai did not pay attention to quietly picking up the key of his room from his mobile phone buckle, and then took her home address from Tao Qiao and left.
Wen Shuai came back to the toilet and found that He Na was not in the store. She saw that the key on the phone was gone. He quickly called Qi Guang and told him to go to his home. When Qi Guangqi came in, He Na was already doing a live video broadcast. She wore the exposed clothes and twisted in front of the camera. A secret man looked at her in the Internet cafe computer, then the secret man looked at it. A man’s shadow appeared in the live video, and when he saw Qi Guang slammed in, the man clenched his fist in anger.

He Na went to school the next day . When she was talking to Tuowen Shuai , suddenly a flower pot descended from the sky. Tao Qiao screamed to remind Tuo Wenshuai, and Tuowian Shuai saw that He Na was taken aside and finally managed to hide. After a catastrophe. After that, Tu Wenshuai and Qi Guang went to the school rooftop to see that the flower pot was deliberately thrown from the roof of the building. There is no doubt that this person’s target is not that He Na is Tuowu Shuai, and asked Tuo Wen. Shuai has not offended anyone recently, Tuowu Shuai is not clear, so another possibility is He Na, Tuo Wenshuai suddenly remembered that when she returned to He Na after the live broadcast, she received a call and she should Call the person to know.

He Na quickly found her underwear in the storage drawer and disappeared. She first missed the stockings, then the skin care products, and lost her underwear this time. To be on the safe side, Tao Qiao sent He Na home together in the evening. In the school bathroom, a masked face caught Hena’s mouth. He Na screamed in horror, and the voice screamed at Tao Qiao. She rushed out. When he saw someone discovering him, he quickly let go of He Na and ran out.

In the police station, He Na’s parents heard the news, and the father angered her. When she said that she would not let her do the dances of the daggers, she just didn’t listen to the accident now. He Na was scared just crying, her mother comforted. She took her away. Tuowu Shuai sent Tao Qiao home. He told Tao Qiao that he would call someone directly to send her home. Tao Qiao saw his eyes full of concern. She smiled and nodded.
Just a few days after the incident, Tao Qiao was designing clothes in the design room of the school at night.

It was very late that the school security staff urged her to go back soon. Tao Qiao packed his bag and asked him if he had encountered suspicious people recently. His personal belongings were always stolen. The wretched security guard said that he did not find it. Then he asked if Tao Qiao had seen the person who could be seen. Tao Qiao could not help but recall the appearance of the suspect on the day. Suddenly, she felt the appearance and height characteristics of the person in front of her. Much like the suspect. The security guard rushed over and Tao Qiao screamed loudly.

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