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Lookism Episode 11

Qi Guang saw the whole process of the exchange of Wen Shuai and Tuo Wenshuai for the second time . He was very surprised. In the end, who is the real Tuowu Shuai, he always told him his most private things, but he did not expect to expand. Wen Shuai hides himself so deeply that when Qi Guang is really angry, Tuo Wenshuai tells Tuowen Shuai that he has two body secrets alone – although he is handsome now, but in essence The body is filled with the essence of fat boy, and the first time he met is Wen Shuai.

Qi Guang can’t accept this lie, but when he thinks about it, it is not unreasonable for Tu Wenshuai to say it. The more he thinks, the more sad he is. The next morning, I went to Tao Qiao ‘s studio to tell her that she would not design any clothes in the future. Tao Qiao wanted to know the reason. Qi Guang asked her to ask Tuo Wenshuai. When I thought about it, Qi Guang still ran to the residence of Tuowen Shuai. At the residence, he only saw the sleepy Tuowian Shuai. He thought that he must have gone home. He really met Wen Shuai in his grandmother’s residence.

The grandmother bought things and walked away, let the two people talk together. Wen Shuai told him about the experience he had experienced with Tuowu Shuai, confirming the authenticity of this strange story, and Qi Guang finally came to face the reality. On the road, two people were robbed by a small gangster. Wen Shuai volunteered to stop at Qi Guang’s side, letting the little punks rush to himself. Seeing this method did not work, Wen Shuai gave all the wages he had just paid to them. To Wen Shuai’s money, the little gang did not stop. Wen Shuai was willing to protect Tuowen Shuai, even if he was beaten and bruised.

Fortunately, Qi Guang’s assistant arrived in time. Qi Guang and Wen Shuai went back together by car. Wen Shuai was injured and gradually fell asleep. Qi Guang received a shot of Wen Shuai who was bullied by Li Zhencheng in the shower and saw his face. The scars, very distressed, gradually he began to get used to see the stupid and derogatory fat man in front of him.

Qi Guang suggested that Wen Shuai should not use sleep artifacts in the future, because the ingredients contain ether, and it takes a long time to take care of the body. Wen Shuai nodded happily when he heard his concern. He Na plays video live every night. In the live video, she often dances to please all kinds of male colors to get rewards, but there are also some inexplicable things, such as the stockings being stolen, even the cosmetics she locked in the closet. Also stolen.

Because of the water leakage problem at home, He Na can only place the location of the recorded video in her father’s supermarket warehouse. Wen Shuai is worried that he will be discovered by the boss. He Na said that his father has gone hiking. It should take a long time to come back. Otherwise, he will drink at home at night and will not return to the supermarket. Sure enough, just recorded for a while, He Na’s father came back. Wen Shuai quickly called Ho Na. His father saw his daughter dressed like this and was recording a video. He was very angry and warned that He Na would not be allowed to record video anymore. . The girl next door was hurt by the scum man for recording a messy video. He Na pouted angrily, and her father’s jealousy was not taken care of by her.

Qi Guang returned to Tao Qiao’s small online shop to design clothes. Wen Shuai still tried to be the type of male model. Tao Qiao saw that the relationship between them was very happy.

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