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Lookism Episode 10

Tao Qiao was designed by Wu Anna, and forced to design clothes for Tao Qiao

Wu Anna wants to make Tuowen Shuai become their royal male model. Tuowu Shuai refused to hesitate without hesitation, saying that he did not like Wu Anna’s careful machine. He said that he turned away and left Wu Anna a popular call. there. Tao Qiao ‘s online store is not very good. She wants to do online promotion for the clothing store, but it has been hit for a few days. All the clothing stores categorically refused to hear her name. Tao Qiao was angry to find if Wu Anna had moved her hands in the dark. Wu Anna still lied as usual that she did not care about her online shop.

Wen Shuai saw that Tao Qiao’s life was so tense that he couldn’t pay for the rent. He went to Qi Guang and asked if he could design clothes for Tao Qiao. He was very talented in design, and even famous designers wanted to plagiarize his works. His ability is indeed above the people, he hesitated and agreed. Tao Qiao heard Wen Shuai take the initiative to unconditionally do his male model, and Qi Guang also came to help God, Tao Qiao was very moved! Qi Guang repeatedly asked him to be a designer, but he must conceal his name. Tao Qiao nodded.

Qi Guang began to give Tuowen a handsome size. There were only two people in the room. Seeing Qi Guang was so serious, Tuo Wenshuai couldn’t help but ask why he was so refreshed and promised to help Tao Qiao. Qi Guang looked like he casually said Not helping Tao Qiao, but helping Tuo Wenshuai, I want to know more about him. Tuowen Shuai couldn’t help but sweat on his head, but Qi Guang explained himself to lie to him!

In order to promote the promotion of his own shop, Tao Qiao heard that He Na is doing online female anchor, and has a high popularity. So she found He Na, wanting her to push the new clothes at the same time as the live webcast. He Na didn’t care about the income of the store, but also admitted that advertising was a fee. When he went to the bathroom, He Na heard that Tao Qiao was calling Wen Shuai. He heard that Wen Shuai was the male model of the store. He Na quickly agreed to be the female model of their store.

Meng Qi is very surprised that He Na’s attitude has changed so fast. When she saw her dagger’s posture twisting and twisting in front of Wen Shuai, she still had to let Wen Shuai send her home at night, Meng Qi finally understood the answer. Wu Anna found that an online store business is very hot, and the design inside is very amazing. I heard that this online store is operated by Tao Qiao, and it is the design of Tu Wenshuai personally. She told her sister that she wanted Wei to put pressure on Qi Guang. When President Wei knew that he immediately called Qi Guang to his office, he blamed him for not listening to his own advice and what design he was going to do. Qi Guang said that he did not know about this matter. President Wei then let Tuowen Shuai, Tao Qiao and He Na is called, I want them to prove that Qi Guang is a designer, He Na does not know what the design of the clothes comes from, and Tu Wenshuai is also very determined not to know. Tao Qiao directly told President Wei that she was all done by her.

Qi Guang knows the means of President Wei. He deliberately went home and took a sketchbook to tell President Wei. If they continue to aggressively grab their clothing store, they will reveal to the media that Wu Anna copied his work and let Wu Anna He lost his name and saw that Qi Guang was playing this time. President Wei finally promised that he would not interfere with him in the future.

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