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Counter Attack: Waste Material Becomes a Goddess

Counter Attack: Waste Material Becomes a Goddess (Novel)
Other Name: 逆袭之战:废材变女神

Genre: novel, romance, traveler
Author: Peach Blossoms
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonist Lin Yueer, a small waste material is infatuated with the royal, rich and handsome, but is sold cheaply to the slave market. When her eyes opened again, she was no longer the stupid one. The wheel of fortune reopened, deviating from all directions. The former waste girl turned into a sturdy animal trainer, and the former soft girl, transformed into a queen.

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“What the hell?” Lin Yueer asked. This was a conversation between the contractor and the contract beast. The man couldn’t hear him at all, and he didn’t guard him.

“I heard that the hell mercenary group is the most famous and strongest in the mercenary group. Every member is top-notch. Many people want to join this mercenary group and there is no way at all. The owner’s luck is really good.” Xiao Hei said flatly, “I will become very tough in the future.”

“No wonder he is so strong. He turned out to be Emperor Huangyu, the head of the Hell Mercenary Corps.” Although Xiaobai didn’t want to admit that yesterday, the other party’s excessive spiritual pressure, a move to kill the spider beast in seconds, and his name and woman branding. The imprint, it can affirm this.

“Is he strong?” Lin Yueer frowned.

“The first world ranks fifth.” Xiaohei admired, “Humans can be so strong that it is not bad.”

“Huh, strong? There are still one, two, three, four rows in front.” Lin Yue’er squinted her eyes and looked up and down at Emperor Yu who was tasting tea, frowning. Sooner or later, she would surpass this man and take him. The disgusting face slammed under his feet.

Xiao Bai seemed to feel the master’s determination, and his heart seemed to be enthusiastic. He hadn’t encountered an opponent for many years, so he had been stagnating at the tenth level of the beast.

“Before you surpass me, listen to me obediently and go!” Emperor Yu did not look back at Lin Yueer, he stood up and left the room.

“Master, how does he know what you think?” Xiao Hei asked in surprise, his voice softened, “Can he eavesdrop on the conversation between the contractor and the contract beast?”

Xiao Bai didn’t say a word, this woman was too simple, all thoughts were shown on her face, even without eavesdropping, she knew what she was thinking.

Lin Yueer murmured at the corner of her mouth. She didn’t want to listen to the bad guy’s orders, but her body had already followed his footsteps and left the room.

After coming out of the inn, Emperor Yu took her into the mercenary guild. Although it was only a branch guild, the necessary facilities and equipment were quite complete.

When the hostess saw Emperor Huangyu hurriedly greeted him, she looked at him with flushed cheeks and whispered, “Emperor Commander, why are you here?”

Emperor Yu did not make a sound. He glanced at the woman in front of him, quickly moved to the counter, and threw the cloth bag in his arms on the table. The spider beast crystal showed a corner, shining with a dazzling light, and immediately attracted many people. Note that there is no lack of envy, jealousy and shame in the eyes.

Three months ago, someone paid a lot of money for the crystals of spider beasts, and the beasts must be above level five. The higher the level, the higher the money.

You must know that a beast that has become a beast requires more than three beast trainers or more than two warfare masters to capture it, but the temptation of money has caused many people to try it. It is either annihilated or useless. Back, so no one dared to take over, and could only watch the price on the task list soaring until the Hell Mercenary Group took it.

The lady at the counter quickly put the crystal on the pallet of a crystal ball, and the blue number nine quickly emerged, which turned out to be the nineth level of the beast.

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