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Lookism Episode 4 Recap

Zhihao has no choice but to steal money, Wen Shuai decided to help Zhihao delete the video

Wen Shuai rushed to the part-time supermarket, the boss saw that he was not angry to say that he was late, pay attention next time! Wen Shuai proposed to pay a month’s salary, two thousand dollars will be fine, the boss did not agree.

Zhihao did not raise money and was beaten by Li Zhencheng. He also stripped off his clothes and took a streaking video, threatening Zhihao to put the video on the Internet if he called the police. The humiliated Zhihao ran to the supermarket, and one person was crying sadly. Wenshuai saw the distressed go to the warehouse and wanted to get some cakes for him to eat. Zhihao saw that the cashier had left. He had no choice but to rush to the checkout counter and robbed the money. Wen Shuai came back and found that the checkout counter was in a mess. Zhihao was gone. He guessed it must be Wenshuai, so he quickly hurryed. Going to chase Wenshuai and let him return the money to the store, Zhihao disagreed, and directly gave him a punch to escape. Wenlong had an injury on his face. He returned to the supermarket and the boss had picked up the phone and prepared to call the police.

Wen Shuai pleads with all kinds of pleadings, so that the boss does not want to call the police, or he can deduct from his salary. The boss thinks that they must know that they must be a group, and immediately ordered him to leave, and the salary is not worth a penny. . After Wen Shuai was dismissed, he went to Zhihao. Zhihao had already given money to Li Zhencheng. Wen Shuai asked him why he was going to steal money. Zhihao said that he must raise money, otherwise the other party would put his streaking video. Go online.

Wen Shuai wanted to help Zhihao get the money. He saw on the Internet that the other party had hung Zhihao’s shoes online for auction, so he used the identity of the buyer to talk with them, and finally the other party successfully met him to talk about the transaction. Tu Wenshuai proposed to delete the video. Li Zhencheng asked him to buy the money. Although he had already taken all the money out of his body, Li Zhencheng still did not delete the video after he slammed the money in his pocket. Tu Wenshuai successfully subdued Li Zhencheng, but the back of the head was a sap, Tuo Wenshuai was stunned.

The owner of the store owner, He Na, saw the surveillance video and knew that the thief turned out to be Zhihao. She told this to Tao Qiao . Tao Qiao felt that this was unfair to Wen Shuai. Two people shouted to Zhihao, and they were trying to find a way. He went to surrender, Zhihao said that he was not willing. If he called the police, his streaking video would be put on the Internet, and everyone would laugh at it. Tao Qiao said with an angry voice that he is still thinking about the video. Now Wen Shuai has been missing, and saving people is the most important thing.

Tao Qiao called Vasco and other boys to find Tuowue Shuai, and saw blood on the ground. They were very worried. Wenshuai woke up and thought that he had not deleted the mobile phone video. He was very anxious and hurriedly wanted to change to Tuowen. Handsome. Because Tuowu Shuai has been comatose and can’t change his body, Wen Shuai has tried his best to find the place where he remembers. Near the incident, Wen Shuai discovered that Tao Qiao and Vasco were there to find the missing Tuo Wenshuai. Wen Shuai told Tao Qiao all about what he knew. The group went to face Li Zhencheng, they did not Fear, although the other side has a lot of helpers, the police quickly came back to support them.

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