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Lookism Episode 3 Recap

Wen Shuai told Tao Qiao with money , this is what Grandma sold after selling a lot of strings, he will not use it casually. Tao Qiao sighed that he was really a good grandson. Wen Shuai asked her if she was so good to herself because she thought he was pitiful? Tao Qiao did not answer his words. In fact, this is not the case. When she was in kindergarten, she was as fat as Wen Shuai, so she felt the same feelings for Wen Shuai.

After class, Tao Qiao and girlfriends went to the canteen together. When Tu Wenshuai saw it, he also called Zhihao to go to the canteen. The last time was the dirty bag that Zhihao asked him to eat, so this time he would return. Tao Qiao feels like a deja vu, she saw the movement of Tuowen handsome wallet is very similar to Wen Shuai.

Tuowu Shuai took the dirty bag he bought and went to the bathroom. He wondered if his own move would let Tao Qiao recognize her. He was hesitating in the bathroom. Vasco came to the bathroom with a group of accomplices. His wallet, when he left, told him to go back to the boxing hall to find him. When he won, he returned the wallet to him.

Seeing that Vasco was smug, Tuowu Shuai remembered that he had been bullied repeatedly. In order to get his wallet back, he made all the strength. All the determination was used on the fist, and suddenly a punch knocked down Vasco! Re-returning the wallet, Tuowen Shuai couldn’t help but doubt his own strength. From small to large, he only had a beating, and now he is going to fight down the Vasco! When Tao Qiao saw that Wen Shuai didn’t come to class, he went to the dormitory to look at Wen Shuai. Tuowen Shuai happened to come out of the house and saw his wallet in his hand. Tao Qiao took the wallet back. She asked you unceremoniously. Why did he hold the wallet of Wen Shuai, and Tuowian Shuai said that it was Wen Shuai who gave him. Tao Qiao did not believe his words, but he had to pull him in front of him and Wen Shuai to make it clear that Tuo Wenshuai had a hard time trying to break free. Tao Qiaofei did not let him bite a bit on his wrist. At this anxious moment, Vasco came, Tuowen Shuai just found this opportunity to escape, he quickly fainted, and the sleeping Wen Shuai finally woke up.

After he opened his eyes, he quickly explained to Tao Qiao that the wallet was for Tuowian Shuai. Tao Qiao was very surprised and asked him how he knew he would ask him about his wallet. Tuowen Shuai could only say that he just said heard it. Tao Qiao told Vasco about his own doubts. Wen Shuai always said that Tuowu Shuai’s good words are definitely the habit of being oppressed and bullied, so he was very afraid of him.

In order to prove his own conjecture, Vasco found a chance to discuss with Tuo Wenshuai and found that Tuowu Shuai’s effort was not so good. It seems that he was in the boxing ring last time. Zhihao saw that Tuowu Shuai was bullied. He quickly found an excuse to open Vasco. Tuowu Shuai was very grateful to Zhihao for his help. Two people were talking. Li Zhencheng took a group of people to block at the door, let Tuowen Shuai hurriedly leave, and Tuowian Shuai tasted Li Zhencheng’s fist and succumbed to his arrogance. Wen Shuai still left, Li Zhencheng let Zhihao compensate for the bad glove, and gave him the money in these two days.

Although the glove is not his bad, Zhihao knows that he is unreasonable, he promised to raise money and returned to the dormitory. Zhihao quickly borrowed money from Wenlong and said that he would hang his cherished shoes on the second-hand items online. When the shoes are sold, they will be returned to him. Wen Long knows that Zhihao’s urgent use of money must be forced by Li Zhencheng. He tried his best to help Zhihao to ask questions.

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