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Lookism Episode 2

Kris is welcome in the school Vasco rescue Tu Wenshuai

When I went to school in the morning, Kris saw that everyone had been watching myself. In the bathroom, I heard Li Zhencheng and a group of followers discussing the transfer students and yesterday’s sneak shots. Kris wanted to leave and was stopped by Li Zhencheng. Kris thought he was looking for his own trouble and asked him if he had No matter what, see Li Zhencheng, nothing happened. Kris hurried away from the bathroom. Tao Qiao and Su Mengqi are discussing that the new classmates in today’s class are actually the same as their neighbors.

Tao Qiao said that he would rather be the neighbor than the present. Su Mengqi saw Zhang Zhihao to buy things and thought that Li Zhencheng had again instructed him to buy things. Su Mengqi got up and asked Li Zhencheng to settle accounts. All the way to Zhang Zhihao came to the class and found out that it was Kris. Su Mengqi didn’t understand what was going on and went up to think that Kris was instructing the classmates on the first day of school. Zhang Zhihao let Su Mengqi not care, and said that he would open for Kris.

Li Zhencheng came in from the back door and Zhang Zhihao saw that he ran back to his seat. Su Mengqi warned Kris not to instruct the classmates to buy things in the future, or to make him look good, Kris looked at the face and did not understand what was going on. When I was at school, I met the neighbor Tao Qiao on the bus and kept staring at Tao Qiao. Tao Qiao looked at the transfer student and took a bus to think that she was sitting near her, and Kris thought that Tao Qiao was angry. When she got off the bus, Kris greeted her, and Tao Qiao looked down at the phone and gave him a look.

Kris went home all the way, and he was afraid of being discovered by Tao Qiao. When Tao Qiao came home , he called Tuowian Shuai and asked him if he wanted to transfer to the school. Kris lied directly on the phone and lied that he was resting. Tao Qiao thought that he was comforted by the suspension of the previous video. And on the phone, Tao Qiao listened to his strange voice, thinking that Kris had a cold, he would ask Kris to find medicine from his home. Kris quickly returned to the room to wake up Tuo Wenshuai. He always told him not to wake up outside the door.

Tao Qiao has always told himself to have a slap in the face to wake him up. Tuowu Shuai quickly went out to see Tao Qiao, Tao Qiao saw Tu Wenshuai’s face red and thought he had a fever, gave him the fortress in his hand and said that if he had a fever, he could take him to the hospital. Tuowu Shuai saw that Tao Qiao was so happy with himself. When he went home, his mobile phone rang and picked it up. It turned out that the classmates in the class pulled themselves into the group. Everyone was very enthusiastic about themselves. This is Tuowu Shuai. Has never been treated for years.
Tuowu Shuai received a phone call to invite himself to a place. When he went in, he saw the anchor He Na. He Na looked at Tu Wenshuai and did not believe that his classmates thought that it was the person who pretended to take the phone and left.

Tuowian Shuai received a notice from the classmates saying that he had to pick up the dust for himself. He thought that he would ask the classmates to eat too much money and call the grandmother to get the money. Just wanted to open the door and see a roadside stall. A grandmother felt sorry when she worked hard. I decided to go to work to earn money. Originally, Kris was looking for a job but the interview was with Tuo Wenshuai, who was rejected by the boss. He Na said that he left Tuowu Shuai, but Kris gave himself ten coupons, and Kris agreed. Originally, He Na wanted Kris to use a Kris tonight because he refused because of a date. In the evening, when I got together with my classmates, I hurried home and then I was hit by the iron gate at the door. I happened to be seen by neighbor Tao Qiao. Kris lied that she had just moved in today. Tao Qiao came home and found Tuowen handsome.

He Na went to the convenience store’s warehouse to change clothes so that Tuowu Shuai didn’t tell his father that he was doing live broadcasts, because He Na’s father was a conservative person, and Tuowen Shuai agreed. At the door, a customer came in. The person was Li Zhencheng’s follow-up. He saw that Tuowu Shuai had a little thought about the man who sneaked Su Mengqi on the bus. He ran to the Taekwondo Society and told Li Zhencheng that Li Zhencheng rushed to the scene. Tuowen handsomely smashed a meal. Tuowu Shuai was stopped by Vasco and tried to call the grandmother, but he hanged up the phone without saying anything.

Li Zhencheng invited the next day in front of Su Mengqi to say that the thief would never appear in front of her. Su Mengqi told him that it was a misunderstanding, and that Tao Qiao asked Li Zhencheng to apologize to the person. Li Zhencheng said that he would not bear to look at Su Mengqi’s face. Once again, Tao Qiao called out Kris and asked Kris Tuowen to know how to do it. Kris said that there was nothing, and that Tao Qiao was worried that Tuowu Shuai was so happy. Kris saw a fat female student running towards herself and sneaking away.

Tuowian Shuai’s grandmother came to the school to send something to Tuowian Shuai. He just met Tuowenshuai’s classmates and handed them to Tuowian Shuai. Kris gave the things to the classmates. Su Mengqi asked Kris if he lived with his grandmother. Suddenly Kris remembered that the family’s Tuowian Shuai ran back and finally rushed home before his grandmother opened the door. Kris lied that Tuowu Shuai had taken care of himself. Grandma was going to go upstairs to see Tuwenshuai Kris saying that the family had to clean up first, and when Kris returned to the room, Tu Wenshuai awakened Kris and fell. Grandma saw Tuowu Shuai like that. He thought that he was bullied by Tuowin and said that he had participated in the school boxing club.

Tuowu Shuai took her grandmother upstairs and saw Kris lying on the bed thinking what he was doing. Tuowen Shuai explained that Kris had a disease and could not wake him up. The next day, Tuo Wenshuai disappeared. Grandma called Kris to eat breakfast and eat Kris and fell asleep. Grandma looked at him and gave him a dress.

Tuowu Shuai woke up in the convenience store and ran home. He told his grandmother to go running. Grandma gave Tuowen handsome money. Tuowen Shuai said that he had money. Tang Qiao went over and greeted her grandmother. Grandma saw Tao Qiao wearing The school uniform was thought to come to Tu Wenshuai to go to school. Tao Qiao didn’t understand that when he saw Shaw’s head shaking his head, he knew that Tuowen Shuai had lied to his grandmother, so he had to follow the words to find Tuowen Shuai to go to school.

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