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Lookism Episode 1

Wen Shuai was misunderstood is a sneak shot Kris and Tuowu Shuai shared identity

Back ten years ago, Tuowu Shuai transferred to Binhai and came to a strange place. Tu Wenshuai had no friends but could go shopping alone to buy clothes, because the short and ugly Tuoba Shuai is a little inferior, wearing new clothes and being the proprietress. Boasted to decide to buy clothes. Tuowu Shuai came to the school gate with a mobile phone navigation and found that the school really looked good. He also called his grandmother to give the grandmother a picture of the school.

It was a bit strange that Tao Qiao and his classmates came home from school to meet Tuo Wenshuai and took a cell phone. I didn’t expect to meet again when I was in the car. The classmates thought that Tuowu Shuai was tracking them because they had been exposed to madness before, and all of them were afraid. Tao Qiao comforted her and thought too much. And Tao Qiao smashed her head and gave her a bodyguard to let her not worry. Didn’t think that the driver came to an emergency brake Tuo Wenshuai did not grab the phone was smashed out, just fell to thefeetof Tao Qiao and Su Mengqi , and the mobile phone is driving the camera function, Su Mengqi is wearing a skirt and thinks that it is a sneak shot Then, he shouted loudly.

Tuowen Shuai explained that he was just a self-portrait. Su Mengqi did not believe that he was a self-timer and thought that he would steal the mobile phone of Tuowen Shuai. Li Zhencheng’s hero rescued the United States and attacked Wen Shuai, and the driver drove several people off the bus. Tu Wenshuai ran all the way. Li Zhencheng and several followers followed up and pursued Wen Shuai. Tuowian Shuai ran into the Internet cafe to hide, Li Zhencheng walked into the Internet cafe to meet Vax, Vasco let Li Zhencheng quickly leave here to not cause a sensation, Li Zhencheng language provoked Vasco, Vasco immediately surrounded and listened, Li Zhencheng did not want I got rid of it.

Tao Qiao and Su Mengqi took Tuowen Shuai’s mobile phone photo album to see that there were no photos of girls, all of which were his own photos. The two worried that they would really misunderstand Tuowen Shuai. Tu Wenshuai saw Li Zhencheng go away and wanted to leave. When he stood up, he saw everyone in the Internet cafe watching a video. The people inside took off their clothes and ran. The people in the discussion video were mentally retarded. There is some fear and low self-esteem, because the person in the video is himself.

Tuowen Shuai went out of the Internet cafe and was so sad that he didn’t dare to go home. He has been bullied since he was a child. Tu Wenshuai looked at the distant Kongming Lantern and tried to reach out and accidentally fell off the building. Vasco and a few friends saw a person lying on the ground and rushed to see, and the friend saw the person on the ground and heartbeat to wake him up. Tuowu Shuai woke up thinking that Vasco was a bad man, thinking that he was arresting himself. He did not expect that he was not dead. Wacks worried that Tuowu Shuai would send him home, but Tuowu Shuai refused. Going home after bathing Tuo Wenshuai always felt that he was dreaming, lying in bed and wanting to go back quickly.

When Tao Qiao made a good meal, she told her sister to get out of bed and move the box to the warehouse. Just after I finished the thing, I heard someone calling it. Tao Qiao went knocking on the door and didn’t expect to come out of the bus on the bus yesterday. Tuowu Shuai saw that one of the two girls yesterday explained that he was not a sneak mad. Tao Qiao told him that he misunderstood him yesterday and returned the mobile phone of Tu Wenshuai to him. He heard that he was a transfer student and asked him when he went to school. Tuowen Shuai told the truth. Before leaving, Tao Qiao asked his name and self. Introduced it.

Tuowian Shuai went back to the room and saw that the person lying on the bed was envious of him. The person who had finished eating the bed hadn’t woken up Tuo Wenshuai and slapped him. He didn’t expect Tuowu Shuai to fall asleep but Kris on the bed. Woke up. Kris found that she now has two bodies who feel that she has to experience different life. When she reports, the teacher does not believe that she is Tuowian Shuai. The teacher thought he was a weight loss coach. Kris lied that he only knew a friend to help. The teacher saw that Kris was very satisfied with his figure and face. The teacher introduced the new classmates to the classmates in the class. Tao Qiao saw that the name of the new classmate seemed to be the same as the neighbor in the morning. In the days that followed, Kris was always popular with school girls at school, which was completely different from the previous days.

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