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The Love by Hypnotic Episode 25 Plot

Li Qian’s misunderstanding of Li Ming’s heart

Li Xun told the emperor that the Qingzhou disaster had been robbed. The emperor was very angry and was looking for Li Qian to plead guilty. Li Qian came by himself. Li Qian told the emperor that he had found most of the food that the mountain robbed, but when he went, those mountains were sealed by a sword. Li Xun’s people said that even if they found food, they also delayed the refugees in the disaster area and greatly increased the number of deaths. Li Qian did not hesitate to report to the emperor. He used the large amount of cotton accumulated in the Xuan River Basin to exchange food with the grain merchants in the area around Dongting Lake. Then he quickly transported the grain water to the disaster area, and with the help of Dongfeng, the disaster was more than the original. It is expected that the disaster food reaching Qingzhou will be two or three days faster.

The emperor greatly praised Li Qian’s move. Li Qian returned the merits to the emperor, saying that although the disaster had been found, the people who had robbed the disaster did not find out. The emperor looked at Ling Wang. Thinking, let the two men retreat. Li asked to catch up with Li Qian. Originally, he wanted to put Li Qian as an army. He did not expect to be greatly praised by the emperor. His heart was very unhappy. Li Qian knew that all this was what he did.

Qiao Huixin and Li Xun voted for what they did, and sent Shu Shu to her hometown fan. Shu Shu was very happy and urged them to open the branches as soon as possible. Qiao Huixin led the topic to Li Mingyue. Shu Shu thought that the moon had been married to Bei Xuan for a long time, but it was a long time since he was born in the heart of the emperor. The emperor on the side thought that he had broken Li Qian’s business in the past month and was very dissatisfied. . Li Xun took the opportunity to give Li Qianna a side note, and Shu Yi also strongly endorsed it, and the emperor handed it over to Shu Shu to deal with it.

Li Qian was punished for three years, and Li Mingyue was unhappy with this. He also wanted to go to the emperor to talk about it, in order to be able to punish a little. Li Qian smiled and took Li Mingyue and pulled her in her arms. Li Mingyue realized that Li Qian was cheating on himself. He hammered Li Qian. After hammering, he remembered that Li Qian was injured and kissed him at his request.

Seeing that Li Mingyue did not bother himself, Li Qian asked her why, but Li Mingyue denied it. He said that he was annoyed with him, and he was annoyed that he hurt himself and annoyed that he said nothing to himself. Li Qian asked himself what he could do to make Li Mingyue deflated. Li Mingyue said that he had to think about it, lying down and staring at the starry sky, Li Qian was lying next to her. Sincerely apologize to Li Mingyue.

The emperor and Shu Shu forced Li Qian to make a side slogan on the grounds of Ming Yue’s hypnosis, and Li Qian had to promise to save the life of Mingyue. Mingyue refused to believe that Li Qian would be guilty. He thought that it was Tang Li who united to deceive themselves until Li Qian told her seriously and let her accept the bell, she was saddened to believe.

Li Qian was upset and went to find Si Kongzhen and Song Jinyu to practice the sword. At the same time, he asked Sikong to teach how to face the bright moon. Sikong really thought that he should face the cave room tonight. In the evening, Li Qian came to his bed in a nice costume. On the other side of the moon, Li Qian was angry in the room. Li Qian came to her door and heard that the moon was indignant and screaming that she had to go to the side of the prince, and then turned away with anger.

The next day, I asked Ann to give me a good month, and told me that I was too tired last night, causing my back pain. The moon was very angry. She said that she looked older than herself. She even dared to call her sister, and she was jealous. She told herself about the housework last night. At this time, Li Qian came. He took the palace to the emperor and asked him to ignore the bright moon.

The moon was in a state of urgency, and Li Qian was forgotten in the room for a short night. Tanya’s grievances came in without a hit. When Mingyue learned that Tanli was being bullied by the shackles, he went to find the account, and he slaps the face in the face. Li Qian came in and saw that he had stopped the moon. When you see it, the wicked first complained, and mixed with the moon. The moon was once again mad and returned to her own house. She deliberately said loudly that she had to go back to the moon, and also packed her bags. Tanli couldn’t understand that the moon was talking, so she helped her to pack her luggage.

The garnet came to find the capital, and told her that Li Qian took the squad to find Sikong, let her go to clean up the study. The moon kicked the luggage, and Li Qiang regarded himself as the next person. Mingyue came to Li Qian’s study and found that the ground was in a mess, and Li Qian also pointed out that she would be sorted out by herself. Mingyue saw the clay doll he sent him in Li Qian’s room. He was delighted that he still kept it. Then he found the word of Li Qian’s word in the broken fan. She went to the suburb of Wang Meiting, and the moon was happy. .

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