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All I Want for Love is You Episode 13

Sun Xiaoman was stunned by Lin Nana, and Xiao Man was expelled from the storm.

Shen Chenyang took Gu Xiaoman to the hospital. Xiaoman’s injury was not serious. Instead, Shen Chenyang fainted. This is the left bank called Xiaoman, Xiaoman just wanted to explain to him, suddenly heard the sound of tranquility, so the words swallowed. Xiaoman made a fool of the past and hurriedly hung up the phone. On the other hand, the peaceful mother suddenly came back and saw the left bank to find peace. She slandered that the left bank was not allowed to be close to tranquility, and he would be taken away in a hurry.

In the evening, Xiao Mang thought that the left bank and the tranquility together would be resentful. At this time, Shen Chenyang came to her and decided to confess to her now. Xiao Man refused him and said that he had someone he liked, and Shen Chenyang died of this heart. Shen Chenyang knows that Xiao Man likes the left bank, but he does not intend to give up the pursuit of Xiao Man.

In the dormitory, when Xiaoman woke up, she saw her friend staring at her and scared her away. The roommate informed that today’s course is an anatomy course and is an unmarried male teacher. Xiaoman didn’t catch a cold, but he was scared because of the anatomy class. Xiao Mang asked his friends whether he was seeing blood or not, and his roommates were small and timid. Xiao Man bluntly retort, but the roommate still refuses to ridicule her.

During the class, Xiao Man felt uncomfortable and uncomfortable when he heard about anatomical matters. The roommate realized that Xiaoman was not right and comforted. The small full lie said that eating as early as possible led to restlessness. Then Xiaoman vomited in the toilet, and the roommate tried to test whether Xiaoman was dizzy. Xiaoman was hard to hide and had to be forced to admit. The dialogue between the two just happened to Xiaona’s death, Lin Nana heard that she couldn’t help but grin at Xiaoman’s shortcomings.

Xiaoman returned to the dormitory, and the roommate decided to help Xiaoman to confuse him. He prepared a lot of wind oil for Xiaoman before class. The three of them came to class together. At this time, the left bank and the tranquility went over. The left bank smelled the scent of the oil, and habitually helped her take the mask. Xiao Man refused the good intentions of the left bank, and the peaceful arrangement of the Xiao Manshe three became a group. The anatomy class began officially. Lin Nana learned that she was deliberately retaliating against her, and squeezed the ketchup onto her arm to make it bleed. After they saw it, Liu Dan quickly took away Xiaoman and covered up the fact that Xiaoman covered up the blood. After waiting for Xiaoman to resume the point, he continued to come to the dissection room. Xiaoman saw that the classmate had dissected an internal organ and saw it again fainted again. After learning, I found Xiaoman, and opened a solution to Xiaoman, and told Xiaoman that if Xiaodan’s symptoms of dizziness could not be improved, she was asked to transfer or drop out of school. After Xiaoman didn’t want to give up, she assured the teacher that she would overcome the halo. symptom.

In the dining hall, Xiaoman was not happy and looked like a heart. The roommates were very distressed in their eyes, but Xiaoman decided not to give up. At this time, the more the big mouth was screaming and shouting, the left bank just passed, and when I heard the small fainting, I still had to go to Nandu Medical University, and my heart was mixed.

The more the exhibition came out with a small fullness, then Chi Yaola heard that Xiaoman was expelled from the school, came to her school to comfort her, and decided to give her the left bank. In the past, Chi Yaola and Xiaoman’s scores were comparable, but one year. At the time, Xiaoman was able to get into the same university as the left bank, and Chi Yaola thought that she would be admitted to the university. She would not choose it, but chose her own dance academy, just like this. She can’t do it. Therefore, Chi Yaola and Blessing Xiaoman believe that Xiaoman will definitely be happy with the left bank. After Xiao Man’s remarks, Yao La’s words are also moved, and he said that he will stick to it.

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