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All I Want for Love is You Episode 11

Shen Chenyang returned to school with Gu Xiaoman. Gu Xiaoman and the coach gambled on the military posture.

Shen Chenyang came to his place with Gu Xiaoman. Gu Xiaoman saw the warm decoration inside. He felt that he didn’t want to be rich in the second generation house. He didn’t want to target himself anymore. He was already tortured and collapsed, indicating that he would be willing to be him. He is not willing to accept his girlfriend. Shen Chenyang told her that her apology was useless. Moreover, she really wanted to chase her. Gu Xiaoman planned to use the girl’s things to persuade him to give up. He heard that he had heart disease and held it distressedly. Zhan Yue and the left bank called Shen Chenyang and asked him to hand over Xiaoman and warned him not to move her. Shen Chenyang told them that he would safely send Gu Xiaoman back.

Gu Xiaoman was very busy watching Shen Chenyang, and did not accept peace talks. He planned to go back to school alone. Shen Chenyang insisted on sending her back. Just after arriving at the school, the left bank and the exhibition team came out to take Gu Xiaoman and three men to pull her. The hand quarreled and was finally taken away by the left bank. The left bank took a small and full move forward. Xiaoman shouted and let him let go. I felt why they had to fight for it. The left bank was very angry. I felt that I wouldn’t just go to someone else’s car because I would fight, let alone Shen Chenyang. People who are irritating, don’t believe him.

Gu Xiaoman lost his landing and blamed the left bank for interfering with others who liked himself. On the left bank, he was ready to explain. He did not expect to suddenly think of it alone and had to eat beef noodles together. Gu Xiaoman thanked Zhan Yue and the left bank for worrying about himself. He planned to shout the exhibition over and over again. He did not expect that the left bank would stop him from coming over and he would say something to stop it. Gu Xiaoman asked about the relationship between Zuoan and Sun Anning. The left bank told Xiaoman that he and Sun Anning grew up together. The parents of the two parents were friends for many years and felt that they could get along well.

When Gu Xiaoman came back, she was asked by Lina to ask about what happened in the playground. She showed her the contents of the school’s online network. I didn’t expect a group of people to talk nonsense inside and spread their relationship. Sun Anning called the left bank and asked him about his relationship with Gu Xiaoman. The left bank said that this was his own business. Shen Chenyang let people delete the posts on the intranet, watching the voting inside with satisfaction, and feel that they must stay young to play with them. Gu Xiaoman apologized to the left bank and gave him trouble. The left bank felt that it didn’t matter. Let her cherish the life of the university and don’t spend time on useless things.

The students of the school talked about Gu Xiaoman’s gossip. Shen Chenyang smiled and came over to find her to eat. I felt that they were all single and could make a pair. Xiaoman pointed out that he was a boyfriend in one direction, but he did not expect it to be the left bank. He left the canteen and shunned Shen Chenyang. Lina saw Xiao Man like the left bank, let her be careful, don’t be fooled, and Xiao Man feels that the left bank is not such a person, and will not be half-hearted.

When conducting military training, Lin Nana deliberately asked her to trouble, and she shouted through the conditional reflexes. She did not expect to yell and shout after the fall, and blamed the responsibility on Xiaoman’s body. Gu Xiaoman was not convinced and the instructor bet on the military position. After seeing the left bank and the exhibition, he quickly came over to check the situation. Xiaoman fainted to the ground because he stood for too long. After seeing the left bank, he rushed up and took her to the infirmary. After he woke up, he felt that he was too disappointing and fainted at the crucial mom and left bank is very distressed to let her take care of herself.

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