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Mary (Movie 2019)

Also known as: Mary / เรือปีศาจ

Genre: horror, drama
United State
Michael Goi
Release Date:
October 31, 2019
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  • Gary Oldman
  • Jennifer Esposito
  • Emily Mortimer

A family looking to start a charter-boat business buys a ship that holds terrifying secrets once out on isolated waters. Credit:imdb

The Greers, Sarah (Mortimer) and David (Gary Oldman), live in Florida with their two daughters, teenage Lindsey (Stefanie Scott) and child Mary (Chloe Perrin). One day, David goes to look at a yacht for sale. It’s a beat-up and ominous-looking vessel, and something strange happens to David as he wanders over the deck. The salesman’s voice cajoles him off screen, and the creepy stone masthead a woman with bared breasts and open staring eyeballs seems to draw David to her. We know this because of all the tilted camera angles. Sarah is annoyed that David bought the boat without checking with her, but his enthusiasm sweeps her away. They’ll fix up the yacht and set up a charter-boat business. There are hints that not all is well between Sarah and David, and the boat symbolizes a “new beginning.” Everything is riding on this: their happiness, their finances, their marriage.

After fixing up the boat, the family sets off for Bermuda, heading right for the Bermuda Triangle. Onboard are the Greers, as well as first mate Mike (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) and Lindsey’s boyfriend Tommy (Owen Teague), a tattooed kid from “juvie” whom David mentored. There are already weird signs. Mary starts to act out. Her crayon drawings are increasingly alarming. Sarah sees wet footprints across the floor, but no one’s there. Tommy is practically hypnotized by the masthead. Sailors are some of the most superstitious people around. They trust their bad feelings. David is an experienced sailor, and yet he ignores all the signs. “Mary” is the kind of movie where everyone ignores the signs.

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