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A Chinese Ghost Story 只问今生恋沧溟 (2020)

A Chinese Ghost Story (2019)
Other Title: 倩女幽魂 / Qian Nv You Hun / 只问今生恋沧溟 / Zhi Wen Jin Sheng Lian Cang Ming

Genres: Mythology, Fantasy
China Mainland
Zhong Shu Jia (钟澍佳)
Yuan Xu Zhi (阮继志), Liu Jia Yin (刘伽茵)
Release Date:
Related Show:
Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio Nie Xiaoqian by Pu Songling


  • Zheng Shuang as Nie Xiaoqian
  • Hou Ming Hao as Ning Caichen
  • Chen Zi Han as Lao Lao

Love story between cat spirit Nie Xiaoqian and and a spirit hunter named Ning Caichen.

The play tells the story of the cat spirit Nie Xiaoqian and the spirit-hunter Ning Caichen experienced tempering and trials, and realized the greatness of love, friendship, affection, teacher and student sentiment, and reflected the powerful power of love. In the late Tang and early Song Dynasties, the scholars of Ning Caichen had no way to study, and they were taught to go alone in the Lanruo Temple. They fell in love with the little witch Nie Xiaoqian. Ning Caichen saved the demon-scarred classmates and went deep into the devil world. Save the Ning Caichen and sacrifice himself.

After Ning Caichen escaped from the Devil World, he suffered a lot of pain and led to the loss of memory. After the coincidence of the cause, I met the female teacher who was exactly the same as Xiaoqian. Haha, the two men wiped out the sparks and went through the hardships. In order to open the seal to control the human world, let Xiaoqian resurrect, send her to kill Ning Caichen and Yan Chixia to seize the heart. Xiaoqian hated Ning Caichen and laughed haha ​​together, but could not start because of the true love of Ning Caichen.

After Ning Caichen learned the truth, in order to save Xiaoqian deep into the devil world, but unexpectedly in the magic of the shackles, it is almost a big mistake. With the demon as a disaster, Ning Caichen firmly believes that love is not broken, and with the help of everyone, he rescued Yan Chixia and destroyed the conspiracy in time. Then Xiaoqian was victimized in order to save Ning Caichen and laugh haha, and eventually the soul flew away. The world has recovered from peace, but Ning Caichen has regretted his life and kept the old letter of Xiaoqian alone.

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