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101 Times Confession

101 Times Confession
Other Title: 101次告白 / 101 Ci Gao Bai

Genres: drama, Campus, romance
Zhong Heng
Release Date: 
July 3, 2013
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Campus life of 16-year old teens and the romance brewing between them.

An aristocratic school in Beijing transferred Ah Han, an exchange student from Taiwan. This 16-year-old boy who looked like an ordinary boy was a rich second generation from a family in Taiwan, but he was low-key and full of love. Borrowing to live in Han Shiqi’s home in Beijing, the two became good buddies, but the arrangement of fate made them fall in love with the school’s school flower—Yang Mei. At this time, the school’s arrogant and beautiful rich daughter Zhu Beibei recruited a companion Involving the four of them, a love story about first love begins….

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