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The Wrong Royal Bride 替嫁公主 (2019)

The Wrong Royal Bride 替嫁公主 (2019)
Other Title: 替嫁公主 / Ti Jia Gong Zhu

Genres: Drama, Romance
China Mainland
Bi Yong
Release Date:
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  • Gong Mi
  • Merxat
  • Zhang Yongbo
  • Joessi Qiao
  • Yoko Wang
  • Li Fankai
  • Fei Liqi
  • Wei Chenyu
  • Tang Guozhong
  • Xin Shiqi
  • Wang Mian

In the late Northern and Southern Dynasties, the daughter of Chen Guotai Fu, who was originally carefree and careless, was forced to marry the Emperor Yuwen of the Emperor Zhou of the Zhou Dynasty. At that time, the Central Committee of the Minister of the Communist Party of China was alone in holding the power and united himself. Scorpion Du Gucheng was trained as a successor to the Great Zhou Dynasty. He became an emperor when he was pilgrim, and a series of sacred emperors who married the princess Liu Yu and Da Zhou’s emperor in a deep crisis filled with crisis and tension. The two are sweet and spicy, and a unique kind of king-style sweet love.

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