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Modern Family S11 Episode 5 Recap

Tomorrow is Halloween, Phil thought of a way to scare his wife. Claire is notoriously bold, and nothing can scare her. Phil wore a fake axe on his chest and pretended to be injured. Claire knew it was fake at first glance. There was no axe in the house. When he arrived in the living room, Luke opened his mouth and said that his girlfriend Janice was pregnant, which scared Phil to death.

After a while Alex came out and said that he was pregnant, and Phil took a breath of fright. Claire was not fooled. Janice was in her fifties. If she could become pregnant, she would have made headlines early. Bill has been fighting wildfires in California for the past few months and only came back today. How could Alex suddenly become pregnant?

Seeing that he couldn’t deceive his mother, Alex turned to complain about his father always asking her to send the neighborhood agreement on his behalf. Phil seemed very afraid to see Ada, who was separated by a few houses.

Ada was over ninety years old and moved to the community last year. He sat in front of the second-floor window all day long and looked outside. Every time Phil passed by her house, he dared not look straight. Today I have to send a neighborhood agreement to Ada, and Alex has to rush to have dinner with Bill, and then go to the cinema to watch “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

The children have activities at night, and Phil and Claire are not willing to be lonely, and they want to go to the cinema to watch horror movies. “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is the only horror film Phil has ever seen. He knows the bridge is broken, so he is not afraid. Unexpectedly, the movie tickets were sold out a few weeks ago, and there is only one unpopular Japanese horror film still remaining. Looking at the poster, Phil was panicked, but there was no other way.

Throughout the playback, Claire calmly drank a drink and ate popcorn. Contrary to her, Phil’s drink and popcorn were basically spilled on him. After finally making it to the end of the movie, Phil felt weak in his legs and walked home from the cinema. What’s more terrible is that I have to pass Ada’s home on the way home. Phil subconsciously wanted to cross the street and walk across the street.

Claire grabbed Phil and pointed to the window on the second floor of Ada’s house. There was no one. This was unusual. Claire dragged Phil, who was trembling all over, to the door of Ada’s house. The neighborhood agreement that Alex sent in the morning was still on the porch. There was another knock on the door, but the door opened in response. The room was pitch dark, except for a ray of light from the second floor on the stairs. Phil was frightened and fled, Claire had to go upstairs tremblingly alone to check the situation.

The bedroom on the second floor was filled with all kinds of weird dolls, and Ada sat on the rocking chair with her back to the door. Claire walked over gently and patted Ada on the shoulder. Suddenly felt a cold back, and there was a skeleton sitting on the rocking chair. At this moment, a figure flashed out from behind, and the sharp knife in his hand gave off a cold light. Claire screamed in fright, but heard a familiar voice, Phil.

Phil knew that a fake axe couldn’t fool Blair, so he made a year-long Halloween scare wife plan. This property was bought by a couple in Europe, who couldn’t live in it once in a few years. The key was left in Phil to help take care of it. Since last year, Phil put a dummy in front of the window every day, pretending to be scared every time he passed by. Coupled with the cooperation of Alex who knew nothing about it, even Claire believed Phil’s nonsense.

Phil’s plan was successful and he looked at his wife triumphantly. Blair was surprised to learn the truth. He thought that when the children grew up, they would lose their goals in life. Now that Phil has done this, he will be able to frighten each other in various ways and add a little bit of fun to life. Phil’s head grew big when he heard it, and he regretted it. From now on, I’m afraid he won’t have a happy birthday.

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