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Super Security in the City

Super Security in the City (Novel)
Other Name: 超级保安在都市

Genre: novel, city
Author: Bei Ming Xiao Yao
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonists are Luo Jun and Ding Han. The story of the novel mainly tells that Luo Jun is a glorious little security guard and the most Niu’s little security, no one! In the prosperous city, Luo Jun is like a fish in water with super skill and extraordinary wisdom. The enemy is fierce and breaks it with a fist. The enemy is cunning and breaks it with wisdom. However, the beauty and maturity of the divorced female proprietors, the unparalleled wisdom of the president of Bingshan, and the heroic appearance of the sister of the police flower, when their intertwined love network attacked and killed, Luo Jun’s fist and wisdom had lost its effect? I can’t break it!

Free Reading:
One-eyed is the outer disciple of Laoshan Neijiaguan. The Na Lao Shan Nei Jia Guan is very famous in the Southeast China Sea, and its curator is Lin Wenlong. Lin Wenlong created his own Laoshan Neijiaguan. According to legend, his cultivation has reached the point where his cultivation has become good fortune.

There are also legends that Lin Wenlong had practiced Shaolin Kungfu. But Lin Wenlong’s Shaolin Kungfu has blended with his own understanding, which is very scary.

And what Cyclops is displaying right now is the eagle claw iron cloth shirt.

This skill is very tough.

At this moment, One-Eyed was angry, and stepped on the ground, cracking the ground. He has eagle claws in his hands, and the green veins on the back of his hands are like earthworms, which is extremely terrifying. One-eyed and one foot stepped out, displaying the Tiangang Yu step of the Laoshan Neijiaguan. The feet are pulled inside and outside, creating a strong force between friction.

Suddenly, people are like thunder, and they have arrived in front of Luo Jun in an instant. Then, the eagle claw hand slammed into Luo Jun’s abdomen fiercely.

The one-eyed shot was thought to kill. The layman looks at the excitement, the insider looks at the doorway.

Luo Jun is also an expert, and his eyes are slightly squinted to know that this one-eyed is a master. Between the lightning, his eyes went dark, and the strong wind blowing on his face was extremely spicy. His abdomen was itchy so much that it was too late to avoid it.

The other party came too fast and too fast.

At this moment, Luo Jun also moved suddenly.

What he displays is his own housekeeping skills, the antelope hanging horns.

There is no trace of the so-called antelope hanging horns.

The antelope galloped in the mountains, coming and going freely.

One eye only felt that he had touched Luo Jun’s clothes. Suddenly, Luo Jun leaned in and jumped out miraculously against his paw.

This evasion is so wonderful!

In Song Yan’er, Tang Qing, and Qi Jiaojiao’s eyes, Luo Jun was already a supernatural power.

Luo Jun came to the right side of the one-eyed in an instant, and then put his arms around his waist and cut the grass. Actually the big hand passed under the ribs of the one-eyed, and directly hugged the one-eyed around his waist.

This is a trick in Xingyiquan, imitating a farmer’s uncle to mow grass with a sickle.

The one-eyed eye was hugged, and there was no time for any change, only a strong pressure came. In an instant, all the strength of his limbs was dissipated.

One-eyed suddenly horrified.

Luo Jun smiled evilly and said, “Damn, you really want to hit me! It seems that I have to teach you a lesson for your father.” After saying that, he kicked his shoes into the air and caught it with one hand. Then he used the sole of the shoe to snap one eye ten times.

These ten times were heavy and ruthless, with one-eyed screams again and again.

Qi Jiaojiao, Song Yan’er, Tang Qing couldn’t help being dumbfounded.

Who is one-eyed? It’s the horrible evil of Haibin City! I was spanked by a small security guard with a soleplate. This was incredible, it was spread out, and one-eyed didn’t have a face.

Luo Jun threw the one-eyed out after he finished smoking.

One-eyed fell to the ground with a lot of nose and tears. He struggled to get up without speaking, and fled in embarrassment.

When Qi Jiaojiao saw that one-eyed had left, she was also in a daze.

Luo Jun looked at Qi Jiaojiao, smiled, and said, “Smelly lady, do you want me to spank you before you leave?”

Qi Jiaojiao screamed, her face pale, and immediately ran away.

After solving all this, Luo Jun put on his shoes. He was still silly and silly Song, and the second daughter of Tang said, “Mr. Song, Minister Tang, I will go out first.” After that, she turned and left.

Regardless of Luo Jun’s solution to the one-eyed understatement, in fact, it is the essence of Luo Junxiu’s mystery.

The one-eyed master is indeed difficult to deal with.

Luo Jun left the office, and outside the office, Zhao Qianqian, Lao Xia and others were all there.

Lao Xia and others looked at Luo Jun like a monster. A security guard murmured, “Damn, Luo Jun, you can do it. You used the sole of the shoe to pump the one-eyed ass of the King of Security.”

Luo Jun didn’t like publicity, he chuckled, and said, “People are the king of security, that means they can train. It’s not that the kung fu is good. I used to be a soldier. It’s not difficult to fight this guy.”

Everyone suddenly realized.

Zhao Qianqian saw Luo Jun’s eyes completely different. She felt that Luo Jun was really manly and manly.

“Everyone is gone.” Luo Jun waved his hand and said.

Lao Xia and the others also obediently dispersed, invisibly, the majesty of Luo Jun has taken shape.

Luo Jun also left.

After entering the security lounge, Lao Xia was a little unhappy.

Luo Jun directly punched Lao Xia on the shoulder and said, “Damn, Lao Xia, are you thinking about spreading it? Are you worried that I will take your position as the security captain? Don’t worry, I’m late today and you help me like that. If you quit your job, you can’t grab a job with you.”

Lao Xia was really worried about this, she couldn’t help but sneered when she heard that, and said, “Smelly boy.”

The other security guards also had a good opinion of Luo Jun, and everyone was talking and laughing together.

Half an hour later, Tang Qing, Minister of Commerce, came to the security lounge in person. Luo Jun was talking nonsense with the off-duty security guards, saying: “In the jungles of Vietnam, those big drug lords hid in, it was very difficult to find. And ah, the equipment of the drug lords is worse than that of the regular army. Mother, once, I almost hung in it. Fortunately…”

Everyone listened attentively.

Tang Qing coughed.

Luo Jun and the others immediately turned around.

Tang Qing was wearing a blue fairy dress and a diamond necklace around her snow-white neck. Appears extraordinarily temperament.

Tang Qing has always been very serious in front of many security guards, and has a very strong leadership.

So everyone did not dare to be presumptuous in front of Tang Qing.

Knowing that, when Luo Jun met Tang Qing, he immediately said with a smile on his face: “Minister Tang, what you are wearing today is really beautiful. Come with you, our lounge will immediately shine!”

Tang Qing originally wanted to keep his face straight, but listening to Luo Jun’s lame compliments still felt funny. She originally hated Luo Jun to death, after all, Luo Jun was too hateful yesterday.

But today, Luo Jun’s performance has changed her. She took a deep breath and held back her smile, and then said solemnly: “Come with me, Song always wants to see you.”

Luo Jun said: “Oh, well, I’ll come right away.” After speaking, he followed behind.

“Oh, Minister Tang, your bracelet is of great quality, let me see.” Luo Jun grabbed Tang Qing’s jade hand as he walked, and looked at it pretentiously.

Tang Qing also stopped, letting Luo Jun look carefully.

Luo Jun fumbled around and took advantage of it. It was a dark cool in his heart.

“Do you see what quality it is?” Tang Qing asked lightly.

Luo Jun reluctantly put down Tang Qing’s hand and said: “This bracelet should be Hetian jade, um, it’s expensive! Qingqing, a beauty like you, only such a bracelet can bring out your noble temperament. .”

The kung fu of the snake and stick is first-rate, and it closes the relationship without knowing it, and shouts Qingqing.

“I bought this at a street stall, ten yuan a piece.” Tang Qing said lightly, and left before finishing talking.

Luo Jun stayed there immediately, that was an embarrassment!

Luo Jun was a brazen person, and soon followed Tang Qing. Tang Qing was actually smiling inside. For Luo Jun, she feels very strange.

As soon as Luo Jun came to Tang Qing, Tang Qing suppressed his smile, serious.

“Qingqing, I’m very curious about a question.” Luo Jun said again.

Tang Qing said lightly: “What are you curious about?”

Luo Jun said: “Are you a cup?”

Tang Qing was stunned, and then angrily said: “What do you mean, my old lady is a cup.”

Luo Jun didn’t rush and said, “Oh, I thought you stuffed a cushion or something in it. It seems to be genuine.”

Tang Qing’s face was blushing, so what and what was being discussed!

Simply, Tang Qing stopped paying attention to the rogue Luo Jun.

The two soon arrived in the president’s office.

Song Yan’er was reading the sales report at her desk, but she seemed a little absent-minded.

Tang Qing closed the door and said to Song Yan’er, “Ms. Song, Luo Jun is here.”

Song Yaner closed the sales report and got up and sat down on the sofa. Tang Qing sat beside her.

“Xiao Luo, don’t be cautious…” Before Song Yan’er finished her words, Luo Jun was already sitting on the sofa with a big horse, and Erlang’s legs were straight up. cautious? This guy is not a cautious person.

Song Yaner was speechless.

Why is this guy so familiar!

On the contrary, it was Luo Jun. Luo Jun was a little embarrassed by Song Yan’er to say so, and immediately put down Erlang’s legs.

Song Yan’er smiled slightly and said, “I really didn’t expect that you were still an expert. Think about it yesterday I almost fired you.”

Luo Jun smiled and said, “Average, third in the world.”

Song Yan’er and Tang Qing were slightly startled, and felt speechless again. This guy was too unmodest.

Song Yan’er said again: “Why do you come to condescend to us to be a little security guard with your skill?”

Luo Jun blurted out, “Because there are so many beautiful women here!”

Song Yan’er and Tang Qing almost vomited blood, buddy, you are too sincere.

Song Yan’er said unbelievably, “Because of this?”

Luo Jun didn’t understand, “Isn’t it enough?”

Song Yan’er sighed helplessly and said, “Okay. What did you do before?”

Song Yan’er intends to promote Luo Jun, but she is also afraid that Luo Jun is a commercial spy, so I have to ask clearly.

Luo Jun said: “Oh, I used to be a soldier. Later I was discharged.”

Song Yan’er said, “In that unit?”

Although Luo Jun is talking nonsense, but there will be bluffed by Song Yan’er this little girl film, smoothly said: “Shenyang Military Region, the field camp, the battalion commander is Lan Jianfeng.

Song Yan’er said: “Then logically, you should have a very generous retirement fee, right? After all, you are a rare talent.” Luo Jun said: “The retired 120,000 will be given to the family of my dead comrades. Up.”

Song Yan’er and Tang Qing couldn’t help but look at Luo Jun with admiration. They felt that this guy was really loyal and a true man.

The reason why Luo Jun said so was to gain Song Yan’er’s trust. It’s so personal protection!

Song Yan’er groaned for a moment and said, “Well, Luo Jun, I will let you be the security captain.”

Luo Jun quickly refused and said, “That’s not okay. Lao Xia is my big brother. If you want me to be the security captain, then I will quit.”

Song Yan’er couldn’t help asking: “Who is Lao Xia?”

Luo Jun was in a daze, then said: “Lao Xia is the current security captain!”

Song Yan’er and Tang Qing suddenly realized. Song Yan’er couldn’t let Luo Jun resign. She said, “Or, you will be the driver and bodyguard for Qingqing and me in the future.”

Luo Jun is happy in his heart, and what he wants is this one. He immediately asked the money fan again: “The problem is that it’s okay, but that’s a salary increase!”

Song Yaner and Tang Qing covered their mouths and laughed. Song Yan’er said, “I’ll give you a salary of 10,000 yuan a month, okay?”

Luo Jun nodded quickly and said: “Okay, okay, too good.”

“Okay, go down and work. Drive us back tonight.” Song Yaner said.

Luo Jun achieved his goal and was naturally happy. So I stopped talking and left the office.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, Song Yaner and Tang Qing left the building of Liren Company.

Luo Jun was also called over.

Song Yaner handed over a bunch of car keys to Luo Jun and said, “Do you have a driver’s license?”

Luo Jun said: “Yes.”

Song Yaner’s car is a BMW 7 series, which looks like a million.

Luo Jun first opened the door for Song Yan’er and Tang Qing, and welcomed the two young ladies into the car. He just got into the driving seat.

Luo Jun is very skilled at driving, reversing and turning in one go, just like playing drifting. Song Yan’er and Tang Qing could not help but think that this guy is really talented.

Song Yaner and Tang Qing live together, in the Willow Leaf Villa area.

After Luo Jun sent the two women, Song Yan’er said: “The car will be driven for you, and I will pick us up at 7:30 tomorrow morning.”

Luo Jun said a good cry, then turned the steering wheel and left.

The security facilities in the Willow Villa area are very good. In addition, there are monitoring facilities here, and Luo Jun is assured of Song Yan’er’s safety.

After leaving the Willow Villa, Luo Jun drove home. He doesn’t have any rare feelings about cars, and he won’t be in the mood to take the car and drive around.

What kind of car hasn’t he played before?

But on the way back, Luo Jun received a call from Ding Han. Ding Han asked Luo Jun to go home for dinner, and wanted to express his gratitude.

Luo Jun was happy when he heard that he was about to go to Ding Han’s house, and felt that he had a great opportunity!

So he readily agreed.

Half an hour later, just after dark, Luo Jun came to Beihu Community. As soon as I entered, I saw Xiao Zhou and other security guards.

“Damn, Brother Jun, you’re awesome, you’re driving the BMW in a while. It’s a 7 Series!” A group of security guards in Xiao Zhou were very envious.

“A cow wool, this car belongs to our company’s boss, and I am a driver who drives.” Luo Jun doesn’t like to brag about it. He rolled down the window in the car and said with a smile.

“Then you are awesome, you can drive the boss’s car out.” Xiao Zhou’s group of security guards insisted on admiring.

“Stop talking nonsense with you, give way to brother, we have an appointment tonight.” Luo Jun said.

“Haha, Brother Jun, I wish you a beautiful woman tonight.” Xiao Zhou said.

“Haha, honor your good words!” Luo Jun said shamelessly.

After parking the car, Luo Jun went straight to Ding Han’s 29th floor.

After he arrived, Ding Han opened the door. When Ding Han opened the door, he wore an apron, and his hair was slightly messy. He was really an indescribable beautiful cook.

Luo Jun’s heart tickled when he saw it. If you have such a wife, how can you be willing to divorce!

When Ding Han saw Luo Jun’s gaze, he blushed and his heartbeat accelerated. She felt that it was a mistake to call Luo Jun to eat at home!

But having reached this point, she can be regarded as opening the bow without turning back the arrow.

“Come in quickly,” Ding Han said.

Luo Jun smiled and said, “Mei Han, you are cooking today! You can’t make it so bad, right?”

Ding Han was speechless, she said: “I poison you to death!”

“You are going to murder your husband!” Luo Jun yelled.

Ding Han glared at Luo Jun fiercely.

She was speechless for Luo Jun’s strange character, and she wanted to thank him sincerely. At this moment, she was totally out of this mood.

“You can find something to drink in the refrigerator. I’m going to cook.” Ding Han turned and said.

Luo Jun changed his slippers and walked in. He said enthusiastically: “Let me help you.”

“No, you just sit in the living room. This is a great help to me.”

Luo Jun was just a polite manner, and he smiled when he heard that, it is better to be respectful.

About twenty minutes later, Ding Han finished all the dishes.

A very hearty table of dishes and cold beer.

“Are you drinking beer or liquor?” Ding Han asked Luo Jun after sitting down.

Luo Jun said: “Beer is fine! But you have to drink with me. Drinking alone is boring.”

Ding Han glanced at Luo Jun weirdly, and said, “You don’t want to take advantage of me to be drunk and treat me wrongly?”

“Damn, am I that kind of person?” Luo Jun seemed to have suffered a great humiliation. In fact, this product has been dismantled!

Ding Han said, “Forget it, forgive you for not dare. But I will drink a bottle.”

“Good.” Luo Jun agreed simply and neatly.

Afterwards, the two drank.

Wine is a good thing.

Ding Han’s mood is not good, she has her own sufferings. Especially after being so hurt by the ex-husband today. She even felt that she had failed.

So after a bottle of beer, her cheek is red. Luo Jun was really embarrassed to fill Ding Han and said, “Ding Han, if you can’t drink it, don’t drink it.”

“Who said I can’t drink, I still want to drink.” Ding Han said.

“Damn, what’s your temper, you didn’t drink it just now, I can’t persuade you at this moment. I’m not afraid that I will ruin you after drinking?” Luo Jun said.

“What do you know, you don’t know anything at all.” Ding Han drank a glass of cold beer. Then, she pointed to Luo Jun’s nose and said, “I, Ding Han, don’t think I’m pretty glamorous all day long. In fact, I’m just a…silly.”

Luo Jun could see it, Ding Han was going crazy by borrowing wine. There was too much suffering in her heart. But what Luo Jun is depressed is, why do you point your nose to me, sister, scolding yourself for being stupid?

Why are you so awkward?

Ding Han wanted to drink again. Luo Jun grabbed Ding Han’s hand and said, “Okay, don’t drink.”

Ding Han pushed the hand of the Cailuo army and drank the wine in one breath. She was already drunk, so she said: “I’ve been beautiful since I was a child, and I have good academic performance. In school, from kindergarten to university, I am a schoolgirl, a princess. I always think I am a princess, and my parents too They all spoiled me. But at the beginning, I was so stubborn. I had to marry him. My parents disagree, but I kept on, had to marry, had to get into the water. Now I have ended up in this field. This It’s my retribution, retribution!”

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