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My Buddhism Pastoral

My Buddhism Pastoral (Novel)
Other Name: 我的佛系田园

Genre: Novel, City, Romance
Author: Zhuzi Mi
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The story of the novel mainly tells the story of her previous life because of her true love, early marriage, early childbirth and early divorce. Tired myself to death early. Reborn, she decided not to marry and infertile to keep her safe, and occasionally went back to her hometown to hide. Anyway, she has a car, a house, and a job to earn rations, and her life is stable and flat. Plainness is a blessing, ahaha. ——But she has a mountain on her body and a temple on the mountain. There was a Taoist priest in the temple who was doing alchemy. There is also a villain poking his heart in the back: Hey, my little girl, your vest is off~… She doesn’t have a picture anymore, can she still be quiet in this life?

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Unlike the elder brother’s calmness, the younger uncle and his wife were so angry that their facial features were slightly distorted, and their eyelids twitched.

Luo Qingyu took a glance at their wonderful expressions, and was amused.

My uncle’s family has two sons, and I still have one in my belly. Of course, the more land, the better. But grandpa and uncle are all standing by her mother’s side… Alas, it’s hard to sing alone!

She didn’t like her little aunt. She went out to work in the first year of her life and stopped by to visit her two uncles. While at my uncle’s house, my uncle greeted her to eat apples, but my aunt and second son came back to see and secretly exploded their hair.

Why are you secretly blowing hair? Because the air in the room instantly condensed as soon as they entered the door and saw her, and an atmosphere of tension arose spontaneously.

At that time, the Luo family was in a bad family situation, and had very little contact with the two uncles, but he did not expect to deteriorate to such a degree——

“Dad, those red Fuji (apples) were specially bought by Yuanyuan for her cousin from Japan, don’t finish eating.” The second cousin glanced at her lightly and said.

Yuan Yuan is his girlfriend and went shopping with her cousin.

“Oh, Xiaoxuan is here so soon? Don’t eat apples. That stuff is not only expensive but also not tasty and too sweet. Look, I just bought some sauerkraut from the market, and it is the most healthy and comfortable to eat with white porridge.” Little aunt smiled. Say.

Luo Qingyu: “…”

The half-eaten apple in the hand is not thrown, nor is it to eat.

Since then, she has never been to her uncle’s house again.

Ah, thinking too far, Luo Qingyu brought his attention back…

“Hey, if you have no objections, please hurry up and complete the procedures while Aning has a holiday. When Ronaldinho comes over, you will have to find someone to go up the mountain to repair the house, don’t delay.” Old Gu said again.

Knowing the son Mo Ruo father, the longer the delay, the youngest couple will sooner or later repent and tear their faces.

When people are old, I hope everything will be happy at home.

He is partial and partial to his sons.

Daguzhuang is a small village on the edge of the mountains. A highway has passed through the mountain hundreds of miles away. The highway currently being built by the government will meet it in the prosperous area.

In other words, the forest around Daguzhuang and the village will be surrounded by left and right sides, forming a raised eye, which can only be seen from a high altitude.

This is what the cadres of the brigade said, so the possibility of mountain forests being expropriated and developed is zero.

Knowing that the second daughter was going back to the village to build a house, he first thought of the mountain. The sons are short of money, but the second daughter is not asking for money, she only needs a piece of land.

Gu Ning is a striving person, and the son-in-law he is looking for is also good. Today, as she intended, she will definitely help when other brothers and sisters encounter difficulties in the future.

That mountain is very big. If you can’t sell it, why do you want it? If you can exchange money, Gu Ning will never swallow it alone.

It may not be necessary to change to someone else, and it is impossible for the sons to return to the countryside to develop. Especially the youngest family, with more sons, will have more opportunities to ask for help in the future.

However, young people don’t understand or don’t want to understand the old man’s ideas.

The youngest husband and wife were not reconciled, they were making noises, and insisted on the old man to give an explanation.

So, Papa Gu took the children to the brigade office together and asked the leaders to mediate and deal with it. If all goes well, I will complete the procedures for the separation of properties there today, so as not to have any future incidents.

The brigade office is quite far away from Daguzhuang. Fortunately, Uncle has a car, making it easy to get in and out of the village.

Gu Wanting will not go, she will stay at home to watch the children and play with her niece. As for Luo Tianyou, he and those cousins ​​went somewhere to play.

The boy is so wild that he has to look for it.

“Qingqing, do you want mountains, or do you want these fields?” Gu Wanting asked the little girl as she walked on the ridge, pointing to a green vegetable field.

“Mountain.” Luo Qingyu said without hesitation, shaking his little hand and walking happily.

Mountain, mountain, she wants a mountain~.

Regardless of whether my mother can achieve her wish, the short-term expectation is also pleasant.

“Why? There are snakes, insects, and ghosts on the mountain…” Gu Wanting coaxed, this is the shadow of her childhood.

“Picking fruits on the mountain.” Luo Qingyu didn’t listen to her flicking.

In the 1920s, it would be envious to own a house in the village, let alone a mountain.

“Auntie, you have land, you will be the landlord’s wife in the future, don’t give it to your uncle.” She shook Gu Wanting’s hand and said coquettishly, reminding her to cherish it.

My aunt is nice, but she is afraid of getting into trouble. Although my mother was fighting for a piece of land for her today, if the two uncles asked her to tell her with reason and affection, she would probably give up on her own initiative and betray her mother’s painstaking efforts.

The speaker has a heart, the listener has no intention, but a different mind.

Gu Wanting was startled slightly, and instinctively glanced left and right to confirm that the old sister was not there, and squatted down eagerly, staring eagerly at her niece.

“Qingqing, can you tell aunt, how long can I live?”

Although the old sister objected to everyone asking about this sensitive topic, her nephew Xiaoyou Zeng Shuang confessed that he secretly asked, Qingqing said that he could live to 98 years old, birthday star!

Whether it is true or false, it is enviable and enviable. To be honest, she also wanted to ask, holding back for a long time.

Luo Qingyu looked at her for a long while, and said, “Auntie, you can’t marry the surname Xu in the future.”

It is too enchanting to say her full name. If the aunt believes her, her last name is enough.

“Why?” Gu Wanting was slightly surprised.

“He will chop off your head…” Then, Luo Qingyu stretched out three fingers in his left hand, and two in his right hand.

Gu Wanting couldn’t help being stunned. She understood what her niece meant. If she married a surnamed Xu, she could only live to 32 years old? Behead? ! too frightening!

But isn’t Qingqing unable to see the cause of death?

“Qing, Qingqing, how can you see…” The cause of death?

Is your future a bad ending? To be honest, she was dubious.

Luo Qingyu stared at her, “Aunt is a family member.” She only knew the cause of death of her family member.

Gu Wanting was stunned for a while, and then understood, she couldn’t help standing up in a complicated mood, and continued to walk forward. She asked out of curiosity, but the answer was not the happiness she wanted, which made her feel depressed.

The second sister is right, she shouldn’t ask.

When she lived with her elder brother, she and her sister-in-law went to the temple to worship the gods, and looked at the photos in a particularly effective fortune-telling hall nearby. People say that although her marriage has twists and turns, as long as she sticks to her heart, she can still be fulfilled.

Of course, for everyone, what a fortune teller says is good and bad. If it’s good, it’s good luck.

Qingqing is a child, do you know what beheading is?

Thinking about it this way, Gu Wanting’s gloom dissipated, and she smiled and coaxed the little bit beside her leg: “Qingqing, don’t tell you what happened today. Mom, okay? Otherwise, auntie will be scolded.”


Luo Qingyu glanced up at her, knowing that she hadn’t taken her words to heart, and couldn’t help but sigh.

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