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Chapter 10 Sheng Jun Strange Palace

Mo Wan froze for a moment, then responded and replied: “Hello, I will come to the interview tomorrow morning. Is it convenient for you over there?”

The woman on the other end said softly, “Yes, what time are you coming, Miss Mo?”

Mo Wan thought for a while before replying: ” Hello, about nine o’clock. Can you see it?” The

woman did not stop impatiently because of Mo Wan. It is still peaceful: “Yes, Miss Mo.”

Mo Wan smirked for a while, but the tone of the answer was still very gentle and official: “Okay, thank you. I will come on time at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning “

” Okay.”

Mo Wan sighed long after hanging up the phone.

When thinking of marrying Gong Shengjun, she didn’t go out to work. She stayed at home all day and panicked. She also had to deal with the uneasy “sister”. Mo Wan felt a headache. Going to work is much more comfortable than staying at the palace. What’s more, Mo Wan was not a comfortable person.

But what Mo Mo did not know is that all this was arranged by Gong Shengjun.

Mo Wan hasn’t been so happy for a long time, this job is just like the love that God gave her, and finally she can get rid of the stupid family.

Mo Wan was in a good mood, humming songs, eyes returning from the supermarket shelves, “Well, this yogurt is good.” Then, he lifted Qianqinsu and took two boxes and put them in the shopping cart. At the speed of Mo Wan drinking yogurt and snacking, two boxes of yogurt are nothing to mention.

“This potato chip is also good.”

“Um… this is also good, low in calories, and good for your health, and will not gain weight.”

I was about to leave, but when I left the shelf, I saw the chocolate again, clicked my chin, thought for a while, and finally picked up the chocolate on the shelf, and murmured: “I will not eat a little Fat, not fat.” The last thing was put in the shopping cart, but found that the shopping cart was full…

Mo Wan looked down and smiled, “hee hee”, did not put down a thing And go to checkout.

At more than six o’clock, Mo late home.

Just after entering the door, Mo Wan was still changing shoes. Gong Ni came down from the upstairs, looked disdainful, and looked at the bag of snacks on the table. She felt low-end and sneered and said: “Sure enough, you can’t get on the table. People will never be on the table. It’s funny to see the poor and sour look.” As a result

, Gong Ni laughed while covering her mouth.

Although Mo Wan’s actions were heard, she ignored them, and she didn’t want to clash with Gong Ni. Because there was no need for it, she was born spoiled, and if she quarreled with her, she would be out of control. Besides, Mo Wan didn’t want to add anything to Gong Shengjun. When he thought of the man’s cold, ice-like eyes, his back was cold.

Mo Wan changed his shoes, but still did not answer Gong Ni. Just when Gong Ni was about to go upstairs, Gong Ni suddenly hurriedly stopped Mo Wan, a face picky: “Speak to you? Didn’t you hear?!”

Mo Wan ignored it.

But Gong Ni refused to let go, stretched out her arms, and blocked Mo Wan from being strict. She was not right, neither was she right. At this moment, Song Zhi went downstairs. When she saw Gong Ni, she scolded: “Nie, what are you doing?”

Gong Ni shouted when she heard Song Zhi’s voice. Grieved, said: “Mom. I just greet the sister-in-law. But the sister-in-law ignores me, me,” Gong Ni didn’t lie without a draft, and said that she couldn’t edit it anymore.

Song Zhi knew that it was the moth that Gong Ni thought.

She held the railing down and pulled Gong Ni away, but she was still in a condescending appearance and said, “No matter how you say Ni Er is also Sheng Jun’s sister, even if Ni Er has anything wrong with you before, you You should also be considerate and considerate of Nier, after all, you are older than Nier and are the wife of Sheng Jun.” It

seems that he is trying to save himself, but he is teaching her.

Why can’t Mo Wan hear it?

She endured. After all, there is good news today, and she didn’t want to argue. She squeezed out a smile and replied: “Mom, you said yes. I remember.”

Mo Wan replied so cleverly, Song Zhi seemed to be I was a little surprised, but it was the cold face again, and said: “Just remember, and wait for Sheng Jun to come back. You quickly change your clothes and eat down.” When the words fell, I saw Mo Wan holding the hand in his hand The bag bought from the supermarket, with a look of disdain, said: “We never eat these things. Look at you, what did you buy? This kind of stuff is all junk food.”

Mo Wan really wanted to turn a big one White eyes, had to hum low.

But this is not the end, Gong Ni replied: “Yes, Mom. What are these things, throw them in the garbage dump, I am afraid that the beggars will not pick them up! Some people, even if they eat, they are not afraid to eat. Is

she sick? It’s really funny.” Mo Wan didn’t like to listen to this. She deliberately carried the bag and made the sound of rubbing the plastic bag. Gong Ni felt unpleasant and covered her ears and asked: ” What are you doing?”

Mo Wanqian smiled and smiled, but then his face became indifferent, and said coldly: “You are used to the taste of mountains and seas, naturally you have not tasted what we like to eat. But neither do you It is necessary to belittle, everyone is the same.”

Gong Ni snorted coldly, not saying anything.

Song Zhi didn’t say anything, but Mo Wan’s eyes were still full of mustache.

Mo Wan didn’t want to speak quickly, let alone that the guy Gong Shengjun thought he had been pretending. To put it bluntly, she actually didn’t want to stay here.

After going upstairs and returning to the room, Mo regret locked the door and poured all the snacks on the bed like a child. He smiled like an idiot and ordered soldiers to figure out which snack to eat. “Well, let’s eat potato chips first!”


Just opened the bag, Mo Wan hadn’t asked if he hadn’t enjoyed potato chips yet, and there was a shout from the palace downstairs: “All the dishes are already on. The table is over, what’s still rubbing!”

Mo Wan rolled his eyes wide and replied aloud, “Got it!”

Mo Wan ate enough, and then put away the snacks on the bed. After washing my hands and changing my clothes, I went downstairs.

I saw Gong Ni’s eyes seemed to blaze Mo Wan out of a knife. Although Mo Wan saw it, he still looked dumbfounded and sat down.

On such occasions, Mo Wan is to remember.

Rules are always rules.

She will not embarrass herself, nor will she embarrass her grandma.

Song Zhi glanced at her and said nothing.

After Mo Wan sat down, the door opened.

The person who came back was undoubtedly Gong Gongjun. Mo Wan wanted to get up and take the briefcase in Gong Shengjun’s hand, but Gong Ni was the first step. She hurried to Gong Shengjun in the end. Briefcase, sweet said: “Brother, welcome back.”

Gong Shengjun smiled lightly, rubbed Gong Ni’s hair, said: “I’m not going abroad anymore, welcome.” Seemingly warm and spoiled, but In fact, it is the coldness that is hiding the eyes of Gong Shengjun.

When Mo Wan saw it, Song Zhi naturally thought it was a brother-sister relationship, and did not forget to give Mo Wan a smug look.

Mo Wan lowered his eyebrows.

Warmth is their warmth. But for Mo Wan, it was only sad.

She was only with her grandma, but now Mo Mo smiled bitterly when she thought about it.

Gong Shengjun changed his clothes and then came down to dinner.

Song Zhi ordered: “Heat the dish .”

“Yes, ma’am.” The

servant immediately removed the dish, and when it was hot, it was served again.

Gong Shengjun sat beside Mo Wan, an intoxicating fragrance of wood. Using Chanel’s latest men’s perfume, this light woody fragrance is not only intoxicating, but also reflects the unique charm of Gong Shengjun.

Sitting next to Gong Shengjun, Mo Wan was still a little nervous.

Still not much to eat, these Gong Shengjun all looked at them, still did not say a word.

In fact, not many people eat too much, and the people in the palace are very picky. All the dishes have been heated again, and the original fresh taste has been lost. Especially Gong Ni, she was the first to put down her chopsticks, and she muttered in her mouth that the chef made it difficult to eat. In fact, in Mo Wan’s eyes, it was already very good.

No wonder Gong Ni, after all, she has always been so. It was the princess who was held in her hand. The fish smelled no fishy smell, but she said that she smelled fishy.

What can I do?

Who makes a spoiled young lady?

Just when Mo Wan got up, Gong Shengjun suddenly grasped Mo Wan’s wrist and came to her, a sexy and cold face directly reflected in Mo Wan’s heart, this face was too perfect . Such a close distance even made Mo Wan feel like he was suffocating.

She wanted to ask, but she felt that she would stutter, but she didn’t ask at all. I saw Gong Shengjun’s hand moved quietly to Mo Wan’s hand, picked up the chopsticks, and said intimately, “How to eat so little? Eat more?” Point.”

Mo Wan felt appalling.

What kind of person is Gong Shengjun like this?

Mo Wan was unclear, but all she knew was to listen to Gong Shengjun. No way, Gong Shengjun sandwiched many dishes in Mo Wan dish.

Mo Wan had to bite the bullet and eat it.

Gong Shengjun watched Mo Wan eat up, and felt even happier than eating. He pursed his lips slightly throughout the journey, watching Mo Wan. This atmosphere caused Gong Ni’s dissatisfaction.

But Gong Ni still had a little insight, knowing Gong Shengjun’s temper, he didn’t say anything. But that look seemed not very kind.

Gong Shengjun suddenly smiled and said: “This is good, the Gong family is your home. You are my wife

who is being married by Gong Shengjun Mingmedia.” The hegemonic meaning in his words is more than a little.

It seems to Mo Wan that the four words that the Ming media is marrying are just talking casually. After all, she was just doing things with Gong Shengjun.

It’s just that Gong Shengjun looks a little bit more than he pretends to be.

But Gong Shengjun’s eyes seemed to have a slightly weird meaning, but he couldn’t tell the wacky meaning. Mo Wan frowned slightly, without any words.

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