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Almighty Lin Shao

Almighty Lin Shao (Novel)
Other Name: 全能麟少

Genre: novel, city
Author: N/A
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonists are Qin Mo and Xu Yan. The story of the novel mainly tells five peerless elders and teaches Qin Mo to be able to do it all. Qin Mo returned to the city, starting with a man and a dog. Refining alchemy, cultivating immortals, cooking…I, Qin Mo, can all! Swear to be the overlord of the world, vow to live a better life! Huaxia, trembling again and again because of my return from Qin Mo!

Free Reading Highlights:

“What if I don’t?” Qin Mo coldly.

“If you don’t buy it, I will impose it forcibly.” Zhao Qing said blankly.

For the sake of grandpa, he is willing to use his private power once, even if he is finally ruled by a military court.

Master Taiqing looked at Qin Mo triumphantly and fought with me. This kid is still a little tender. If you have to kneel down and beg me, I might not consider changing to a treasured geomantic place.

To be more ugly, this is a matter of digging the ancestral grave.

Qin Mo suddenly laughed, and everyone looked at him suspiciously.

After a few laughs, Qin Mo pointed to Taiqing abruptly, “Are you a Fengshui Master?”

“I am the No. 1 Fengshui Master in Longshi?” Taiqing patted the Dao robe, proudly visible in his eyes.

As the face of Longshi Fengshui Master, Taiqing has the qualifications and pride, so he doesn’t put Qin Mo in his eyes.

“Do you know that Jiuxing Fengshui technique?” Qin Mo said sharply.

Master Taiqing’s complexion changed drastically.

Jiuxing Fengshui is an extremely powerful Fengshui technique used by Mr. Feng Shui to explore the treasures of Feng Shui. It can be said to be the pioneering technique of Feng Shui! It has been lost since ancient times.

At this moment, Qin Mo took out nine silver needles from his arms.

The silver needle was thrown backhand to the ground by Qin Mo, and the nine silver needles were firmly inserted into the ground, forming a circle.

“Tiansha, wolf soul, phoenix dance… Nine stars, come!”

With Qin Mo’s cold drink, his palm suddenly slapped on the ground, and the spiritual energy in his body rushed into the ground with his palm, just as the nine silver needles inserted in the ground trembled After a while, it popped out of the ground, forming a circle around Qin Mo’s body, and then falling around the tomb.

Qin Mo took out a piece of talisman paper, lit it, and threw it abruptly. He saw the talisman paper circled around the grave, lighting up nine silver needles, some of which were blue flames, and some were red.

Master Taiqing has long been scared to death. This is almost the same as the magical skills recorded in ancient books. “Nine…Nine-star Fengshui!”

Zhao Qing and others have never seen such advanced Fengshui skills. Measures.

The nine silver needles represent the nine stars of this technique. If the flashing flames are all red, this place is a treasured land of geomantic omen. If the flashing flames are all blue, this place is a dangerous place. If the red and blue intersect, this place is Fengshui. It is neither good nor bad.

Master Taiqing knelt on the ground with excitement, and bowed to Qin Mo respectfully, “I don’t know how the younger generation is offended by the arrival of the heavenly

master .” Feng Shui master, with only one one-sided move, can see the height of the two, Qin Mo mastered Feng Shui has already transcended the realm of a Feng Shui master, and is really a heavenly master.

The so-called heavenly master is different from the master.

Masters like Taiqing, at most, borrowed tools such as compasses and peach wood swords to measure the treasures of geomantic omen, the birth date, and so on. They are already quite good.

But when it comes to the heavenly master, it is very different.

Heavenly masters are weak to drive things out, and strong to call out the wind and rain, attracting thunder and lightning. They use the laws of heaven and earth to determine the root of things.

Regarding qualifications, it is not an exaggeration for Taiqing Master to call Qin Mo a master.

Qin Mo faintly waved his hand and asked him to get up. He was not really good at all, he just learned some of Grandpa Yun’s fur.

Master Taiqing sighed heavily, “Captain Zhao, I think… forget it…”

Zhao Qing looked at Qin Mo complicatedly, waved to evacuate the soldiers, and left alone, facing Qin Mo’s profound realm, Zhao Qing Qing also a little afraid to provoke.

Looking at his lonely back, Qin Mo couldn’t bear it.

“Your grandpa’s cerebrovascular is blocked and there is still a chance to survive. Why do you want to give up?”

Zhao Qing was taken aback and turned his head excitedly.

“Can you save my grandfather?” Zhao Qing’s excited face twitched and his cerebrovascular was blocked. This is a serious illness, basically brain death.

Unexpectedly, Qin Mo could detect his grandfather’s illness. Master Taiqing couldn’t help but sighed secretly. Compared with the young man in front of him, he had studied Feng Shui for decades, and I was afraid that he had learned it in the stomach of a dog.

Qin Mo smiled and nodded, “Of course it can.”

Grandma Luo taught herself that she is a kindness and a medical skill, not to make money, but to save people. Since there is a fate, please help.

Zhao Qing was almost crazy with excitement.

Immediately, he respectfully invited Qin Mo into the car. Although he was very respectful to Qin Mo on the surface, he was more worried. A fortune-telling celestial master, saving grandpa, would be unrealistic.

Nowadays, only dead horses are regarded as living horse doctors.

Longshi Second Military Hospital.

When Qin Mo and Zhao Qing entered, there were a hundred military doctors standing in the huge ward!

Zhao Beifeng lay quietly on the hospital bed, with pipes all over his body, and he could not see any breath.

Zhao Beifeng is a retired tycoon of the Chinese Navy District. Although he is not in the military today, his influence is still there. His illness has attracted military doctors from the entire Chinese Navy District.

When Zhao Qing came, the doctors all let go.

“Captain Zhao, with my medical rescue, Commander Zhao can live another month.” Seeing Zhao Qing’s return, a greasy middle-aged man in a white coat hurriedly asked for credit.

Dr. Zhu is the leader of these hundred doctors, who is also the chief physician of Zhao Beifeng.

Zhao Qing smiled stiffly, and pushed Qin Mo out, “Um… Doctor Zhu, can you let him see my grandpa’s illness.”

Doctor Zhu thought he would be praised by the Zhao family, but Zhao Qingjing Another person was brought back from the outside, which obviously did not trust him.

Doctor Zhu sinks his face.

Not daring to get angry at Zhao Qing, all the fingers were directed at Qin Mo, and he asked sternly, “Which hospital do you belong to? What level? What status?”

Dr. Zhu is the best brain doctor in the Huahai navy area, looking at the entire Huahai Province , His level is first-rate, he doesn’t believe that Zhao Qing can find someone better than him.

“Not in the hospital, no rank, no status.” Qin Mo answered lightly.

“Then what are you doing?” Doctor Zhu frowned.

“Huahai University, a student.” The

hundreds of doctors were all there, and Zhao Qing was also dumbfounded. He didn’t ask Qin Mo about his identity before coming, thinking he was a fortune teller.

As a result, it was actually a college student!

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