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The Love by Hypnotic Episode 14 Plot

Yun served to help Li Mingyue recall the past Ling Wang Tucheng provoked the emperor unhappy

Yun waited to find Kelby, questioned why Kelby wanted to hypnotize Li Mingyue, and let her come to Bei Xuan and kiss. Kelby only wants to help the moon and himself, and does not intend to help the cloud, which will only destroy the North Xuanhe and the moon. State diplomatic relations. Clouds are not afraid to become the sinners of Haoyue. Even if they are enemies with the world, they must restore the memory of the moon.

Yun came to the house to find Li Mingyue, told Mingyue that she was hypnotized by her second brother, and forgot the feelings of the two, only to be willing to come to Beixuan and Li Qian and the pro, Mingyue said that the second brother only persuaded her, and did not hypnotize she was. He told him that the three arrows in the Ming Dynasty were taught by him. After the birth of Feng, he was the wind that he personally took care of, and the scimitar on Mingxue was a pair with his machete in his hometown. The machete that the two men gave each other in pairs was a matter of life and death. At that time, they were the tokens of their sentiments. All her memories have deviated, and the memory is erased. After listening to the moon, I still refused to admit that I lost my memory. Yunshang helpless, but still determined, must prove to the moon, he is not a lie.

Li Qian’s thoughts on Mingyue are unbearable, but for his own face, he has been suppressed and not looking for the moon. Mingyue has found the house with his own wine and asked Li Qian that “the feelings after hypnosis can be true feelings” Li Qian told her that the only thing that matters is the love itself, not hypnosis. He asked whether Ming Yueyue regretted becoming his own capital, and the vacillating answer of the moon made him unhappy. When drinking drunkenness, Mingyue listened to Li Qian’s words and decided not to escape. The two drunk and slept together.

Li Qian received the frontline secret security, Ling Wangping’s rebellion was like a broken bamboo, but he was eager to win, and he did not hesitate to make a move to the massacre. This move made Li Qian somewhat worried. If he killed the defending army, there would be no soldiers defending the city.

On the next day, the emperor was quite annoyed because of the Lingwang massacre. Ling Wang actually changed the emperor’s defending army in Mocheng while slaughtering the original defending army. For this reason, the emperor felt that Ling Wang seemed to have the suspicion of wanting to marry him. Turning back, I said that I should consider establishing the position of the Prince. In fact, I want to see Li Qian’s reaction. Li Qian discouraged the emperor from being in the same year. There is no need to rush to establish the Prince. The emperor felt that Li Qian did not have a heart. The rest of the rebellion was handed over to Li Qian. Although the emperor doubted Ling Wang’s heart, Li Qian was not happy at all for the people who died in the city.

The cloud waits for the night to arrange the room into a place for him and the moon. The “outside the house is the grassland. The grassland is full of purple flowers. The four fields are silent, the sky is low, as if you can reach the dome and pick up the stars. “The moon is out of the valley, he came with a bright moon to wake up her memory, although the moon can not remember, but feels cordial.” The cloud waited for her to recall that the scimitar was given to her by her own birthday when she was on the birthday of the moon. At that time, the two had already set a life. The moon only smiled and said that he would not say such a nasty thing. Then in the familiar songs, the moon seems to have remembered the past.

At this time, Li Qian, who knew the moon and the cloud, rushed to find it, interrupted the bright moon that was thinking of the past, and brought him back to the palace. After the death of Li Qian in the Mingyue, let Tanli answer the questions he asked truthfully. Tanya’s answer seems to confirm the words of Yunshang, but I think of Li Qian, I don’t know how to be good tomorrow.

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