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Love Is Fate 我爱你这是最好的安排 Episode 16 Recap

JR hotel. In order to find clues from Hu Jia, under the instructions of Xia Yuxing, Sun Qian deliberately came to the front desk to talk to Hu Jia, and also lied that she had fancyed Guo Yu. After listening, Hu Jia had a strange look on his face, and left the front desk for a reason. When Hu Jia went to talk to Guo Yu, Lu Zhenzhen accidentally bumped into him. Lu Zhenzhen hid aside and overheard for a while, only to know that Guo Yu and Hu Jia had already married, but it was only because of the hotel ’s rules that they were not made public. Lu Zhenzhen hurriedly told Ma Cute and Xia Yuxing what he heard, and Xia Yuxing promised that he could let Guo Yu show his feet tomorrow. In order to compensate Zhou Chang, Lu Zhenzhen accompanied her to a charity evening. Lu Zhenzhen told Ma lovely that he must repay himself.

The next day, Xia Yuxing and Ma Cute took Hu Jia to the cafe. Lie that because of her and Guo Yu’s hidden marriage, the two had to choose one to leave. Hu Jia did not hesitate to express her willingness to resign, so that Xia Yuxing and Ma Cute both felt sorry for her. Xia Yuxing took out the secretly taken photos of Guo Yu and Linda to Hu Jia, and finally made her look angry. It turned out that it happened to be Hu Jia’s birthday that day, but Guo Yu lied that he had to work overtime. I didn’t expect to go shopping with other women.

Hu Jia agreed to Ma Cute’s request and was willing to find Guo Yu’s account book. But when she was about to hand over the account book to Ma Cute, Guo Yu suddenly played a bitter scheme, even voluntarily confessing her derailment and begging Hu Jia for forgiveness. After all, Hu Jia had deep feelings for Guo Yu, and for a moment he softened and forgave Guo Yu. It turned out that Guo Yu found out that the USB flash drive had been dropped, so he played a bitter trick to cheat Hu Jia. Hu Jia finally put the USB flash drive back to his original position and submitted a resignation letter to Ma Ai. Where does she know that Guo Yu is ready to fight her. Just after Hu Jia resigned, he got into a car accident just after leaving JR.

Ma Cute and Xia Yuxing came to see the banquet attended by Lu Zhenzhen. Lu Zhenzhen complained that he was used by Zhou Shang as the supervisor for Ma Cute and wanted Ma Cute to compensate Xia Yuxing for her. Ma Cute said that he and Lu Zhenzhen were inappropriate, but who knows that Ma Cute said Is this selfish? Xia Yuxing received the news that Hu Jia was hospitalized in a car accident. He and suspected that this was a man-made accident. Hu Jia had already sacrificed for Guo Yu. He even wanted to kill him. Xia Yu’s anger just beat Guo Yu. Xia Yuxing had to write a review. Ma said she didn’t need to. Xia Yuxing played well. As long as she found evidence, she would not let such people stay in the hotel.

Lu Zhenzhen was still fighting with Zhou Chang, and Ma cute laughed at her, but Lu Zhenzhen asked Ma Cute again about Xia Yuxing’s attitude. Ma Cute never gave a positive answer. Lu Zhenzhen felt that the cute horse had absolutely problems with Xia Yuxing. The news of Hu Jia’s car accident soon spread in the hotel. Some even said that the reason for the car accident was because she resigned, and many employees were scared to think that the horse was cute. After listening, Xia Yuxing was very helpless, and he could only explain to the horse in front of everyone. Zhou Chang’s fan meeting was held as usual, and Lu Zhenzhen patiently pretended to be with her sisters at the scene. But I did not expect that many fans had food poisoning because of eating cake. After investigation by the police, it was found that the bacteria in the cake exceeded the standard, and Xia Yuxing, the person in charge at the scene, was brought back to the police station for interrogation.

After knowing that Xia Yuxing was arrested, Yang Li hurried to find a cute horse for help. But Ma Cute was convened because the hotel might be downgraded, so he had to hold a high-level meeting first. Yang Li was a little angry after hearing it, but it was more worthwhile for Xia Yu. Xia Yu acted Ma Mae due diligence, but still couldn’t compare to the hotel.

At the meeting, Zhao Qingfeng constantly attacked Ma Cute, accusing her of employing talented Xia Yuxing to cause so many things. Han Yuanbin also proposed that Song Tianming take over the management of the hotel and resolve the immediate issue first. After the incident of Xia Yuxing spread in the hotel, many people accused Ma of cuteness of having no conscience, and even ignored Xia Yuxing. Ma Cute did not bother the rumors, but went to the back kitchen alone to find clues.

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